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CleanSlate Opening In Hartford Accepting New Patients

CleanSlate Opening In Hartford & Accepting New Patients CleanSlate, opening in Hartford this month, is now accepting new patients. The treatment facility in Hartford is the first of several centers that will be opened to combat the ever-increasing epidemic plaguing Connecticut. With so many people suffering and seeking help for opiate addiction, it has become […]

Suboxone Help Now In Tolland County Ct Husky Accepted

Suboxone Help Now In Tolland County Ct Husky Accepted

Suboxone help is available now in Tolland County Ct, Husky/state insurance is accepted. Suboxone treatment availability for Husky, Medicaid is not limited to Tolland County. People who reside in Connecticut towns, Vernon, Manchester, Stafford Springs, Somers, Mansfield, Ellington, East Windsor, South Windsor,Windsor Locks, Enfield, Storrs, Wilimantic. Suboxone treatment is not available on the weekend for […]

Suboxone Help In Ct Shoreline Towns Medicaid Accepted

Suboxone Help In Ct Shoreline Towns Medicaid Accepted

Suboxone help available in Ct shoreline towns Medicaid / State insurance Accepted. With the growing epidemic of opiate-heroin addiction within Connecticut, finding a Suboxone provider is not easy, having Medicaid or Connecticut State insurance can make finding help even more difficult. If you live in Guilford, Branford, Clinton, Madison, North Haven, East Haven, Old Saybrook […]

Roadway of Hope

Annual Roadway of Hope 2016

Annual Roadway of Hope Who: Fed Up in CT sponsoring Annual roadway of hope walk / rally. What: Annual roadway of hope having an 8 mile walk / rally Where: Hubbard Park – 999 West Main St. Meriden, CT 06451 When: August 27th from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Why: Annual roadway of hope is […]


Welcome to Ct Suboxone.

This site is dedicated to helping people in Connecticut seeking Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction. Many consider Suboxone treatment to be a “miracle” and very effective in  their lives back. Though  medication and therapy,  Opiate addiction is a disease and, it continues to take lives of the people in Connecticut and, nation wide.

Suboxone  that many consider to be the best medication along with counseling  to treat  the disease of opiate addiction. It has become very difficult to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut that is accepting new patients.

Opiate addiction affects millions of Americans, it continues to take lives of loved ones everyday Addiction does not care if you are young, old, black, white, rich, poor, or who your family is. When most people hear about heroin or opiate addiction they make assumptions of how the disease looks. It no longer has a face, it is important to educate our youth on this growing epidemic.

Below are some informative articles, such as the difference between Methadone and Suboxone. While Methadone was what was used for opiate addiction for decades. If you are not familiar with Methadone or Suboxone these articles will be helpful to you, or if you are seeking help for a loved one.


A gentleman  was in a horrible accident that caused him to have to undergo two surgeries before being released from the hospital and he was prescribed pain medication for his recovery.  This medication quickly turned to an addiction, and we see this all too often. On the other hand you can also become addicted by using illicit street narcotics like heroin or other opiates.

It does not matter how your addiction to opiates began. We are here to help you find a Suboxone provider within Connecticut. With every situation being different, we will do our best to hekp you find help. Like addiction, we do not discriminate, ctsuboxone and our voulenteers are here to help. All that we ask or all that we need is to know you are ready to get help and truly want help, from there we will do our very best to help you on your journey to the road to recovery.

If you have any questions that you are unable to answer after browsing our site please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help. Please know that there are so many people in Connecticut desperately searching for a Suboxone doctor, or Suboxone treatment. When seeking help for opiate addiction, many find themselves making countless phone calls to Suboxone providers in Connecticut. It is very frustrating for people who are seeking help to find a Suboxone doctor accepting new patients, or one who takes Connecticut state insurance, Husky A, C, & D.

We encourage new and existing Suboxone providers in Connecticut to contact us. Ctsuboxone has been an excellent referral source for  finding a Suboxone provider for opiate addiction. We can be found online or on the 211 info line and website. Contact us if information changes such as location, phone number, not accepting new patients or are. It is also helpful to know if you accept insurance what ones. Fee for service providers, how much for the initial visit, fee for visits after and the monthly fee. This information will NOT be posted on the site unless you request it to be. Having this information will allow for linking patients with providers. Email to help in assisting the residence of Connecticut With the disease of addiction.

-CT Suboxone

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207 responses to “Home”

  1. Christian Manouse says:

    A passionate and kind hearted woman and service always willing to talk with people. I have suffered with the painful disease of pancreatitis for six years and the only medication that has provided me relief is suboxone, through CT Suboxone I have obtained an appointment with a doctor who prescribes the medications so I can finally live my life again!!!! Chronic pain has destroyed me and left me unable to eat solid foods for two years….this will change soon thanks to CT Suboxone.. I feel safe and cared for.

  2. Fred Scarfe says:

    Excellent advocacy-JMF Research BC specializing in Alcohol and harm and for education,awareness and calling for National and Worldwide leadership and action to reduce harmful Alcohol availability and consumption for public health and safety and community wellbeing as the top priority

    • Court says:

      Thank you Fred for leaving a very important message. While we are all focused on the opiate crisis, we are losing focus on another HUGE issue, alcohol. Alcohol is a drug, it is addictive and destructive. More attention needs to be payed to the entire situation this country faces.

      • Court says:

        To all of those who have taken the time to leave a comment on ctsuboxone, thank you. As you are thanking me for the help I have provided so many, understand I have endured the pain of this disease within my own family. Having watched my best friend suffer from losing her daughter has been heartbreaking. It was almost 7 years ago when I decided to dedicated my life to helping those who struggle with this disease we call addiction. Nobody is immune from it, it does not discriminate, though it leaves a deep pain that never goes away.
        My help will continue, knowing that a phone call gives someone hope is priceless to me. I am only one woman but one strong woman I am. My belief that Suboxone is an excellent medication assisted treatment. Having seen countless people get their lives back with the use of Suboxone and the treatment that goes along with it. Sobriety is not free, it is something you need to give your all too. That is not easy when a drug has your mind and body. Impossible it is not, you just have to put one foot in front of the other, believe in yourself and know that you are worth it.
        Thank you again for all who have taken a few moments to leave me a message, I am always a call away and really like to hear or read about people who have been able to pull themselves up. So I ask, please share your story here, it gives others hope & faith when they have none.
        Wishing all well – Courtney

  3. Pat says:

    My granddaughter has just got the Suboxone to start. She told me she was sick n threw up and didn’t feel well. She only took 1/2 of the dose. I am not sure she is telling the truth but want to make sure that is not a side effect of the dose .

    • Charlie B says:

      Hello i have been on suboxone for almost 3 years and have a lot of experience with it. I can tell you the answer is yes she is telling you the truth. In my experience and this is with most people on opiates if you have any opiates left in your system when you take suboxone it usually will make you go into instant withdrawals that would be the sickness and vomiting. You must wait until you are in full withdrawal to take them and a lot of the time you feel worse before you feel better. In my experience it takes me 3-5 days when switching to suboxone before I start to feel better. Some people will think that they need to take more to feel better but that is not the case. Sometimes less is more when it comes to suboxone so I recommend she sticks with her prescribed dose and just tough out the sickness. I hope that was of some help and good luck to you and your granddaughter.

  4. Dr. Mick Twist says:

    Finally a small step in the right direction. Now, if only there were incentive programs for physicians/APRNs to treat opioid addiction with Suboxone to be implemented immediately instead of all these FFS practices where money is the only incentive. This idea was not my own but a very intelligent one by someone I know…

  5. Rich Rose says:

    For all those with a determined mind and strong will-power to rid yourself of the disease of addiction and all the bs that comes with it in order to regain the hope, integrity, pride, and the life opioid addiction/dependency has taken from you- look no further. This is based on my experience of finding a provider through and the exceptional person that did more than assist me, but also guided me, kept me on track, inspired me, restored lost hope, and ensured my transition from one provider in Connecticut to another would be anything but problematic.

    After a few weeks of failing to find a better provider for my own individual needs based on my personal medical history, I had contacted the phone number from this very website (it says to contact Courtney)and my problems with finding a Suboxone provider in CT disappeared swiftly and kindly. After all of the failed attempts to schedule an appointment with just one so-called suboxone provider, I had become extremely frustrated at the lack of providers in my area (and across the state in general) as well as coming across a lot of false/outdated information on the internet, such as phone numbers listed to suboxone prescribing physicians being out of service or if it was they either wouldn’t take my insurance or were not accepting new patients. Finally, when I found, I was completely surprised someone even answered the phone, being in this situation you find very few, if any people that genuinely care. I had called after work around 7pm, on a Friday evening no less, expecting to just leave a message but to my surprise, there was Courtney on the other end and I immediately felt at ease with her kindness and compassion, non judgemental attitude, unwavering confidence in finding the best possible provider for me, as well as her unyielding dedication toward helping me get my life back to a consistent norm without worry. It’s far too disappointing this state does not have more people like her answering the phone at practices, detox facilities, clinics, etc. where you basically feel like just another number and they just don’t care. From the beginning I felt that Courtney had a completely genuine, sincere compassion for those afflicted with addiction. I had called late on a Friday, spoke to her and gave my basic information, again Saturday evening after work to go further into detail about my medical history, and she had set an appointment set up for the following Monday. Even with all my information, history, and appointment set and in place for Monday morning first thing, she called Sunday just to check in with me and see how I was doing, confirming the appointment, giving me pinpoint directions; words alone cannot describe the kind of heart this woman has, it truly inspired me and brought back hope for the future I had pretty much written off and didn’t see myself even having.

    To Courtney, thank you so very much for all that you do and all that you are, you are truly an exceptional human being and I couldn’t be happier with the end result of establishing a great local provider for myself. Thank you a million times over. In a world gone to hell, you truly stand as a 1%’er so to speak, as acts of humanity do not exist, or hard to find.

    Having read all the comments on,it’s truly a shame that one woman who has given her life to helping others has not been recognized,as she has helped so many people and a vast network of people such as Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). Connecticut is privileged to have someone such as her advocating for people who suffer from this epidemic of opioid/heroin addiction, that continues to take the lives of so many in Connecticut.

    To those of you reading this and looking for help on a far more successful method of treatment like suboxone; if you’re sick and tired of all the wrong numbers and “we’re not currently accepting”, or “we don’t take that insurance” and all that BS, Courtney is the only one I personally would ever recommend to anyone dealing with opioid addiction/dependency (she is very honest as she will tell you she cannot promise anything, though she will do her very best) With infinite gratitude and appreciation, thank you with all my heart Courtney. You are not just one in a million; there is no one with the dedication, compassion, and heart you have I could possibly compare you to, and I doubt anyone you have helped or continue to help would disagree in the least. In your own words when I spoke with you, “keep on keeping’ on!” Thanks again and best wishes.

  6. Leo says:

    Thanks again, Glad to see there is still people that care about us EX drug addicts on this Prison Planet Called Earth.

  7. Leo says:

    Thank you for all the help in my fight to be clean Courtney.

  8. Douglas says:

    I recently was put in touch with Courtney. She responded within an hour and I was able to find a provider near by. Best experience thus far with seeking treatment. I just wish I had talked with Courtney sooner. Don’t ever give up on sobriety. It is possible and it will work out if you really want it. The resources are out there it’s just a matter of using them to better your situation. Thanks Courtney and CT Suboxone!

    • Court says:


      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on ctsuboxone. You are on the right path, you can get your life back to where you want it, without the vicious cycle. Knowing that you have Suboxone doctor, you can now start living your life. It is so difficult for Connecticut citizens to find help with opiate addiction, opiate treatment they want, treatment that works. The treatment most people are seeking is Suboxone. Suboxone treatment has helped give so many the necessary tools with therapy and Suboxone. What I see to be the biggest problem is the need for help for opiate addiction, heroin, pain killers, outweighs the available Suboxone providers in Connecticut.

  9. Nicole. says:

    On May 26th it will be 6 months sober couldn’t of done it without courtney. She told me I had to wait two weeks until I could get in somewhere but I was withdrawing so bad and luckily she was able to get me in not even two days later, and since then I’ve been sober. I go to the gym everyday, I eat healthy. I am completely drug and alcohol free. I started my own blog and website which courtney knows about which I will soon get more into because I’ve been so busy lately but its about an awareness blog/website. I am trying to do my best to help other people because I don’t ever want anyone to be in this situation. Look how hard it was for any of us to find help in CT, let alone anywhere else in the USA. Just think of how many people didnt make it and how we could of prevented it if we had more help or more information.The problem is that we have limited help, limited awareness and the kids are doing it younger and younger and were not teaching them in school. Its stupid that no one decides to do anything until another person dies.

    • Court says:


      I remember so clearly your call, your call for help. Desperate to gain control of your life, to no longer be sick, to no longer want this disease to run you, even more, ruin your life. Making the decision to get help is not easy, making a call for help is the first step to starting the process of recovery.

      You have come such a long way Nicole, I am so proud of you. Now you are using what you have been through to help others, with your blog. That is an excellent way to give back, no one knows better than one that struggled with opiate addiction and still works on it every single day. If you would like to share your blog information, feel free to email it to me and I will post it on

      Opiate addiction takes control of your life physically and mentally. So many suffer from the disease of opiate addiction in Connecticut and nation wide. Sadly, it is not understood, leaving so many alone as family and friends walk away. What I have heard over and over is “why don’t you just STOP using”. Something so easy to say, yet not at all easy to JUST stop. Addiction is a disease, it does not discriminate, it does not matter what color you are, where you grew up, how you grew up. It does not matter who your parents are, addiction does not care about any of that. If you or a loved one is addicted to opiates, educate yourself.

      Follow us on Facebook and on Google +

  10. Robert says:

    Wasn’t long ago I found myself spiraling down a vortex of which I could not control.Opiates had taken hold and would not let go.I watched on tv that I was not alone.I was gonna jump on this train all on my own.Thanks to a very special person who took the time to dedicate herself to bring awareness,guidance and support, I was able to grab the reins of my life back. l am now following the path of a healthy,balanced existence.My goal was simple.No longer did I want to be a prisoner of my addiction.By making one phone call Courtney reassured me that there is help.She took the time to listen with compassion as I told her my story.Courtney utilized her extensive resources and placed me in touch with the care of wonderful,understanding doctors.I now have a structured easy to adapt treatment program in which with both medication and therapy give me the tools to build a solid foundation of freedom and independence.As I work my program I gain confidence that my sobriety will continue to be a mainstay.I recommend that anyone reading this,reach out and call the number above.By the grace of god I’ve been blessed to live another day and put my boots on the ground.Thank you Courtney for all that you do.Im honored to have had the pleasure of meeting you, eternally grateful
    . Robert

  11. Sarah says:

    My son went this morning to APT foundation in New Haven at 1 Long Wharf Ct, this was his 6th attempt…. It took all he had to get himself there, he did the intake , the blood work, urine tests etc… then met with a counselor, he unloaded about his addiction, his issues and what he thought he needed and what he thought he could handle- he text me after his meeting and waiting for his outcome that today his life was going to change- he was so happy and I could hear the hope in his voice. Then when he met again with the councelor he asked for Suboxone because he’d had methaodone once before and hated the way it made him feel – angry and foggy- sleepy anxious and the counselor said “no” he could only have Methaodone and Jay argued his point but to no avail. When he called me he was in tears and distraught he said “they f’d me Mom” they wouldn’t put me on Suboxone- they wanted me to be a zombie on Methaodone.. I don’t know what I am going to do… that was the last I have heard from him … I am heartbroken… why is it so difficult to get our loved ones help?

    • Court says:


      This is a true story that I have heard more times than I can count and it is my opinion that it is a cruel act of giving false hope. Desperate people seeking help for their opiate addiction have called the The APT Foundation in New Haven Ct, asking for Suboxone treatment. Spending hours at The APT Foundation, jumping through all the hoops, only to be told ” we are not taking new patients for Suboxone treatment, only Methadone”. When mislead in this way, there should be a complaint made, as it is a growing issue.
      The opiate epidemic in Connecticut is NOT SOMETHING NEW, This has been going on for years. I do not believe the state of Connecticut has done anything for the thousands of people in this state that suffer from the disease of opiate addiction. Connecticut’s (DMHAS) Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services HAS created a “CRISIS SERVICE” or C.I.T Crisis Intervention Team, broken up into 5 regions across Ct, for ones in need for help with opiate addiction. I myself have called, to see what it was that needed to be done to get help for opiate addiction. I was told that I had to go to a location to be seen, to see if I fit the criteria for help. Countless others have said that there is NO AVAILABILITY, NO BEDS. End result, NO HELP.
      Why is is so difficult to find help for a loved one in Connecticut? Because there are NOT enough Suboxone providers in Connecticut to treat the individuals living here that need help with opiate addiction.
      With the overwhelming number of innocent lives were lost because of this disease, over 700 last year, it is beyond comprehension as to why there is not an urgency to help, as in help is needed NOW not tomorrow not in a month, NOW. How many more innocent lives have to be lost, seeking help? How many more families have to be destroyed because of lack of help to treat the sick?

  12. Kellie says:

    It is so hard to find help in Conn for heroin addiction. I saw a lady left a comment about the 1-800 number the state has for people like me to call if they need help. What a joke that is, There is no avail beds or doctors to help with suboxin it is just a front. They do no care about us we are sick but we are junkies and junkies do not matter. I called so many numbers and then a doctor told me to call this number and I was really surprised when I saw this site and all the good people had to say about it and Courtny. I thought it was just more spoon fed BS but it was not. She was able to help me find a provider it took some time but she kept in touch with me to see how I was doing no body cares about me so I was shocked that she did I finally got into a place and am on suboxin. If I did not find a doctor i was going to go on methadone and that was the last thing I wanted. My life is changing I am feeling normal as each day passes if I can give anyone anything that would be do not give up call this number and talk to Courtny sh is wicked cool and understands and she cares about people like me and suboxin is a miricle medication it saved my life aI am going to be starting a job this week and there is no way when I was usin that I could work because if I was sick I would not get out of bed that is what they do not understand how sick you get when you do not have heroin and your body is used to having it. The detox is the hardest the way you feel mentally you just want more you need more to forget about everything. Now I do not want to forget I am working on myself and my illness. Thank you Courtny for all of your help for being there when I was at my worst and for being there now the world needs more of you.


  13. Jay says:

    I’ll be strait up, CT suboxone helped me to the fullest. There are no other websites I have come across that are offer the level of help and resources like this site. Courtney who answers the phone took the time to talk to me through this process. Its been a few months now and I am doing great with the program. Got my wife back and my kids.

  14. Court says:

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to leave a comment on It has been very hard to find Suboxone providers in Connecticut that are taking new patients for medication assisted programs. This becomes even more difficult if you have state of Connecticut health insurance, Medicaid, Husky A, B, C, D.
    It is also important to express my gratitude to WTNH channel 8, chief investigative reporter David Iverson and producer Kellyanne, for the story they had done about a couple desperately seeking help. Channel 8 news continues to keep the difficulty many citizens in Connecticut face wile trying to get help for this disease of addiction. Please see the story they did

    Again thank you to all who have left comments, to David Iverson and Kellyanne from WTNH, channel 8 news.

  15. ImSaved says:

    So this is what its all about. Ct Suboxone and Courtney who paved the way. Been reading these comments knowing I made right choice

  16. LIFE is says:

    Life is birth joy happiness and pain, it is struggle and success…if one chooses to prevail despite the struggle…..CT suboxone and Courtney, You saved my daughters life. Your hard work does not go un seen or. May the powers of CT legislation assist you with this crisis

  17. Faith says:

    I love my family and I love my sobriety. In the past my worlds always competed for my attention. I prayed endlessly as a mother. I feel like God has given me a second chance,,,third even….and thank you dear Courtney for being the voice to those of the silent ones who suffer silently.,,You spoke with me and were always there for me. You lead me to the right path and that is suboxone. I can be a mom again! Thank you and thank you CT suboxone

  18. Semper fi says:

    I need to say thanks because I dont go on these sites ever but seriously CT Suboxone has made my life a million times better than it was when I was in the trenches of my addiction. Courtney, dont ever stop doin what you are doing. you have a mission and you are needed in this fight against this battle

  19. New life says:

    Hi I was nervous to say something but here it goes! I am starting my first semester of college thanks to Courtney and CT suboxone!!! Yasss! The truth is that I got into dope in highschool (some bad choices) and my fam had all but gave up on me. I almost didnt even go to college but then I found this site and CT suboxone and its like my whole world changed

    • New life says:

      Would like to add,,,,that it is super hard for me to talk to anybody… i am not a talker…and Courtney took the time to really listen and I just dont know how I would have made it without her…Its like I can see my future for the first time in my life

  20. New beginnings says:

    Hello, I would just like to thank with all sincerity the CT suboxone program and miss courtney for helping save my daughters life. My daughter is so intelligent and beautiful. She needed a role model like Courtney to help her move on to this new beginning in her life

  21. Father says:

    I am a father of three with a full time career and I must say that CT Suboxone has been monumental in my path to a strong recovery. There appears to be no help out there and this concerns me. I ending up needing state insurance thus a stigma. I had everything and lost it all to addiction. The young lady, Courtney who has been answering the phone for this site has spent countless hours speaking with me and advocating for me. This in turn has made her an advocate for my family. She is an amazing woman. I have faith that the system will prevail

  22. Natasha from Russia says:

    I spoke with Courtney from CT suboxone in October of 2015, As a teacher with a bachelors in psychology and a future ahead of me, I desperately needed some support in order to get my life on track. Typical story, after a car accident that ended in opiate addiction,,,,But Courtney is no typical woman. She was there for me through everything talking with me and reminding me that I have what it takes to make it! …..,5 months later I am still sober with the job of my dreams and an amazing future ahead of me…Charlies Angel as we call her, is truly that, an angel, I believe Courtney has the heart mind and spirit to move mountains and she deserves credit for this. Among those who stand, do not sit; among those who sit, do not stand. Among those who laugh, do not weep; among those who weep, do not laugh. ~Jewish Proverb
    Thank you Charlies Angel, for saving my life. G-d sees…..Humans see and I hope one day you get the recognition you deserve

  23. some1saved says:

    First off thank you channel 8 for doing a story on the couple that takes the 100 mile trip to get treatment suboxone treatment yes it is a life saving medication for heroin addicts. I did not see it when it was on t.v but a friend found it on Facebook and sent it to me. Courtney the woman who was on the couch helping people find a suboxone doctor and she helped the couple in the news story find help with suboxone. When I heard her voice I was in shock Courtney helped me find a suboxone doctor and i am still going to the doctor. Before suboxone I did not have a job I did not have family they wanted nothing to do with me, yea I used to steal from them because dope heroin is that strong. My family did not deserve the hell I put them trough they just stopped all communication with me they could not trust me heroin made me do things I never thought I would do. All that has changed I have a new life I am sober once I got on Subs and treatment from therapy honestly I hated it at first but then I started to look forward to it cause these people do care about us “throw aways” or “junkies” we are people we feel we just have a disease. Many long talks with Courtney she always would say “people are cruel but dont let them discorage you, do not give up, people do not understand that this is a disease” Courtney is the one that saved my life I went to so many places and was treated like a junkie nobody the only help that I could find easily was methadone na I did not want to be high i did the methadone program going every freekin day drug dealers in the parking lot that is not help that is just Ct trying to shut people like us up and keep you messed up. That crap did the same thing dope did I was noddin off I looked like crap I felt like crap and it was not help not me and that was what i wanted. The only way I was getting off of dope was suboxone or death. This state is twisted how come there is this medication that will get you off this dope or pills and you can get your life back but it is so freekin hard. Gov Malloy needs to man up and help and have suboxone be available to addicts in Connecticut not dope in a cup or methadone. How many more people have to die because this state ain’t with the times? Maybe Malloy and the rest think that junkies dying is “taking out the garbage” wake up Connecticut suboxone saves lives this website n Courtney saved my life without her I’d still be on dope or dead. Thank you Courtney for always being there for me and thank you for caring about “US” it’s about time the news picked up on all the care and support you give, you saved my life forever.

    • Jay says:

      It should not be so difficult to find help for opiate addiction in this state. Methadone is easy to get on but it did not work for me I felt like I was still using, that euphoric feeling then having to go every morning and wait in the line of people all talking about using. Trying to keep my full time job and my family life afloat and my methadone secret was getting harder and harder. I was noddin off just like I was when using heroin, how is this any different? I got off methadone and went back to using, I wanted Suboxone treatment. After calling all of the doctors on the list for providers in Connecticut I was shocked at how rude people were, many providers were not helping anymore, a lot of them did not answer. Anyway I was fortunate like the other people that have left comments on this site to find Courtney and this site. She was so kind and caring she completely understood what I was going through and told me that she would help me. At first I was unsure didn’t believe her but I was wrong, she did, It did take some time but she found me a Suboxone doctor that also does therapy. If I did not find this site and Courtney I do not think I would have gotten the help I wanted and needed. Suboxone saved my life I have not relapsed I am not high I am me again. Thank you so much Courtney for putting up with me and my annoying calls Anyone who finds this site is in the right place. Suboxone should not be so hard to find when it saves lives.

      • Father says:

        I agree with you 1000%. It should never be this difficult to stop an increasing epidemic. Suboxone in CT solves this. With knowledge comes power. Those on the frontier like Courtney have a lot to offer!

  24. Namaste says:

    Gotta say sobriety has been awesome since finding CT suboxone!!! I called this awesome girl Courntey at like 10 at nite an she answered. i can def recommend her to anyone serious about sobriety!! I found someone in a day and I have been sober almost 5 months. no relapses

  25. Mark says:

    Hello I also saw the news with this site and Courtney and what she does to help people who are drug addicts heroin or pain killers. I have been doing heroin for 9 years. I grew up in a good home with both of my parents we didn’t want for anything there was no abuse I had a great upbringing I went to school, I was going to be somebody, until oxy contin and perks. Well that is what it started with it happened so quickly that I needed more to just feel normal, I was no longer just getting high I was just trying to not be sick. It got expensive and harder to find, someone suggested to try heroin it is cheaper so I did. I could afford it for a little while. I was a junkie half my veins I could not use anymore. I overdosed several times but that wasn’t enough to stop me from using. I went into a rehab center for 45 days. It felt like I was going out of my mind, they were trying to teach me things but I did not care I was sick I still had that voice the voice telling me I needed dope. I was released after 45 days and I went right back to using that day. Then I found suboxone and it was then I had hope of being normal. I continued to use but would get subs when I could. After seeing the news I contacted this site and talked to Courtney she was so nice and she took time to talk to me and she called different doctors for me because I called doctors and was treated like the junkie I am, they were nasty people. I almost said forget it if that was how I was going to be treated I’d rather continue to use. She called and found a doctor for me. Without her help I woulda gave up. Thank you so much Courtney for helping me and everyone you give people like me hope I have been on Suboxone and i have not used and I am speaking with my family pilling my life together one day at a time. I want to say to anyone that is reading this I think rehabs are a waste of time I have seen people on methadone and they look and act like they are on dope. The only thing that helps is Suboxone so why is it so hard to get on it? why? This is a miracle medicine and it needs to be available to more people. How many more people have to die in Connecticut before they realize that Suboxone is the way? Thank you so much Courtney God bless you thank you for saving my life

    • Natasha from Russia says:

      There needs to be more organization in my opinion…quality over quantity,,,yes help those in need, but dont lose sight over those who have proven themselves to be fighters in this battle

    • Melissa says:

      The state of Connecticut does not care about addiction. There is a 800 number if you need help. I called the number thinking I am finally going to get on Suboxone, yay. I could not have been more wrong. It is a number and they just tell you to go to Stonnington institute or some other place to be evaluated! What the hell is that? How is this going to stop the over doses?
      Connecticut is good for one thing, smoke screens. they act like they are going to help and they set up different things but it is not what people think until you call and find out it was just another joke.

    • Court says:

      Message left by Sarah:
      The State of CT is turning a blind eye to the Heroin Addiction epidemic … they created an 800 number that is useless … do they think we don’t know about Cedar street in New haven- my son has waited three days to get in there – they have no available beds. This epidemic is so widespread they need a Detox hospital! A HEALTH CENTER for addictions. And do they think Heroin addicts are up at 8:00 – 11:00 in the morning for a two hour intake ? Really? How about treating people 24/7 – oh yeah… that’s what they say at Hill Health Center but they have no beds either… No support for families that are being torn apart… it takes a lot for the addict to admit they need help and once they do… they need Immediate help … not “you have to wait for a bed- keep calling back “. And now the governor is cutting funding… We need Suboxone clinics and Lots more Doctors to treat these sick people. Train Doctors and med students and Pharm students to treat the addicted … if this was the Ebola virus we would be all over it … Speak up People …let your representatives know you want help for these sick people.

    • Court says:

      Nicole says:
      On May 26th it will be 6 months sober couldn’t of done it without Courtney. She told me I had to wait two weeks until I could get in somewhere but I was withdrawing so bad and luckily she was able to get me in not even two days later, and since then I’ve been sober. I go to the gym everyday, I eat healthy. I am completely drug and alcohol free. I started my own blog and website which Courtney knows about which I will soon get more into because I’ve been so busy lately but its about an awareness blog/website. I am trying to do my best to help other people because I don’t ever want anyone to be in this situation. Look how hard it was for any of us to find help in CT, let alone anywhere else in the USA. Just think of how many people didn’t make it and how we could of prevented it if we had more help or more information.The problem is that we have limited help, limited awareness and the kids are doing it younger and younger and were not teaching them in school. Its stupid that no one decides to do anything until another person dies.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I saw on the news, finally, Courtney helped me find my way and it was so nice to see the face to the voice that saved my life. Without her and this site I would have been just another statistic. So for anyone out there in need of help call her and I am going to share my story because I think it will help another lost soul to the devil, heroin. I called doctor after doctor with the same response “waiting list” “we are not accepting new people for suboxone” or just really rude cruel office staff. My hope my need of finding help with finding a suboxone doctor in Connecticut was lost and so was I. Methadone was an option when I was making calls several places said that they do not do suboxone but they do Methadone treatment. No way was I going on that, I was better off putting dope in my veins. That is not help, that is just another addiction another fog. Having tried suboxone it was a miracle I finally felt normal but I could not get it all the time. Everything I had, I lost because heroin was the only thing that mattered. It starts off as something you think you have control of but all control is lost when you start using it. Heroin took everything from me
    A few years ago my life was in ruins because of my heroin use, my disease. After countless calls and throwing my hands up saying ” no one cares about people like me” I found this site ctsuboxoneI called and I talked to Courtney. honestly I thought it was a joke but while I was talking with her I was reading tons of comments left on the site, then I thought maybe just maybe if she helped all these people she could help me. Cortney is truly the kindest most caring person I have ever come across in my life. It did not happen right away but she helped me find a suboxone doctor, I am still seeing that very same suboxone doctor she helped me find. If I didn’t call I would not be the mother I am today, the person I am today. I’m an addict I always will be but I have been clean going on 20 months. I am an addict in recovery with a great job and a great life and it is all thanks to Courtney. When I saw her on the news and the people she helped that take the bus for 12 hours to get help, that is truly the want to get help to go through all of that.
    Heroin is killing another person everyday in Connecticut and there is something wrong that this state is doing nothing to help. Rehabs are a waste of money for the state and the rehabs centers in Connecticut are full and people get out and they start using again. That money that the state spends on rehabs should really be put towards getting more suboxone doctors. The reporter that covered this story kudos to you for seeing what a problem addicts of opiate addiction are having trying to find a suboxone docot in Connecticut.
    Finally the woman that helps so many was finally recognized, she deserves it, she deserves a lot more than that and hopefully this was just the start. Thank you again Courtney, you saved my life.

  27. J.J says:

    After reading all of the comments left on this site I have to say for the first time in a long time I had hope. At first I thought it was fake until I called Courtney from this site Conn Suboxone. Methadone was not an option but I felt like every place I called was a dead end, again I called Courtney. Every single thing people have said in the comments were true, she really does care about addicts and getting them help. It is unusual, rare to find someone with such compassion for the heroin addicts in Connecticut, or pain killer addiction. As many said they called so many doctors just to get turned down and treated like garbage, Courtney was the complete opposite a true blessing to so many and there is no real way to explain how priceless this woman is, she is not fake, she is clearly educated because she was so knowledgeable. Phone conversations has never been something I liked but I found myself telling her things I could not even admit to myself or my real friends. When all hope was lost I found this site and with it Courtney. She talked with me for at least 2 hours, no judgement just a caring kind voice. She did help me find a suboxone treatment center one that is different from all the others out there. This place really cares about me and my needs not what everyone else needs. She informed me that I would have to go weekly that was not a problem because I need as much help for my PROBLEM with heroin addiction. Once again there is a bad batch of dope killing people in the New London area. Please pick up the phone call Courtney and talk with her. You have to put yourself first so many people have died in 2015 because of heroin with Fentantyl in it. Your body cannot handle a hot shot of this you will die, do not put your life on the lone even more, there is hope there is help and it is right here with Courtney. Thank you for your help thank you for not judging me for my disease and thank you for all of your hard work. The world or this state could defiantly use more of you. You are unique in so many ways, light the way for others, teach people how to be caring help doctors suboxone providers, you are one in a billion.

  28. Sam says:

    Unbelievable! This website has helped me when the hope for help for my opiate addiction was at a dead end. My story about calling Suboxone doctor after Suboxone doctor with the same results being the same, not taking new patients, we are full, the straight nasty receptionist that do not belong in this field, as they are disgustingly rude. Even worse, I called the Apt foundation asked them if they were taking new people for Suboxone, they said yes, just come in. So I did. Sat for hours ( thinking its worth it I’m getting on Suboxone) my name was called and long story short they WERE NOT TAKING NEW PATIENTS FOR SUBOXONE! TGEY WERE FOR Methadone. What a waste of time, what a cruel thing to do. If I wanted to get high I would keep doing dope, that is all Methadone does, get you high. I’ve been on it, they just up your dose and up your dose. Many of the people I know that are on methadone and they are on 100- 180 milligrams how is that legal? It’s Connecticut’s legal heroin. Courtney from this site and that everyone talks about she is wonderful just like everyone says. The world needs more of you Courtney, you are so kind easy to talk to and you helped me get into a doctor that accepted state insurance and that cares about addicts like me. I’m not proud of being an addict but I am. There is a long road ahead but I’m ready for it. Thank you so much Courtney, thank you for all of the people you help and lives that you have changed.


  29. Anon says:

    Courtny thank you for saving my life. It sounds extreme but it is the truth. Heroin has consumed my life for so long along with lost family and friends, I lost myself I lost hope. Addicts are no bodies, that was my thought for years until I spoke with you. With the many calls I made to the state of Connecticut for help with heroin addiction and they could only suggest methadone. No thank you. Why is methadone so easy to get on in this state but Suboxone a medication that does not get you high is near impossible! Unless you found Courtny that is and Courtny is so caring and when I called her she said ” I will not give you false hope or promise I can find you a Suboxone doctor but I will do everything I can” She didn’t feed me a line of crap BUT she came through. She found me a suboxone docotr in Connecticut with doctors that really care about me that care about my individual needs, that care about me as a person. I have been on Suboxone treatment in Rocky Hill. I would not send my worst enemy there. Feeling bad enough for the things I had done because of my disease, this place is inhumane, telling the whole group about everyone’s urine, if it came back dirty. They do not care, ther is only one doctor that does and that one doctor doesn’t belong in a rat hole like that. If other people have dealt with this place or is dealing with it be careful, they will lie they will treat you like a number or a dollar sign. Anyway the good thing, the great thing is where I go now, Courtny said they would care about me that I was more than a number that I was an individual with a disease. Never have I spoken to an angel I did not know they existed but one does and it is Courtny, you saved my life, you took the time to talk to me and you cared more than any doctor has. Priceless you are and I am sure doctors all over this state would do anything to have you. Thanks to you I have my life back, I can be the parent I wanted to be, I never wanted this, ever. Forever I will be thankful for your kind heart.


  30. anthony says:

    So id just like to add that i did in fact go to the doctor that COURTNEY set up for me…And i was shocked at the kindness and passion that the doctors had for what they do….not only did i get one on one treatment…..And i knew that I was in good hands when BOTH doctors gave me their own personal numbers, Dr. A and Dr. Bono and told me to call any time that i needed to talk to him!!!!!NO doctor has ever done that for me ever…I knew that i was in a place thats like no other…..the whole team was super friendly and caring to my needs…..But i gotta say i owe this COURTNEY for getting me in…..You know when someone is passionate about there job when they bring there work home as Courtney did for me….i feel as tho i can finally be free of the day to day struggles that i face before courtney came in my life….For that i am forever greatful to the hard work and time that she put into helping me find a suboxone doctor…And one that really cares about the well being of his clients……SO THANKS AGAIN FOR THE AWESOME FOLLOW UP!!!AND GOD BLESS…….ANTHONY

  31. anthony says:

    Hello,my name is Anthony….I just wanted to bring to light how awesome COURTNEY!!!is thanks to her I don’t have to worry or be scared anymore!!!!!She has giving me the opportunity to live the life I’m working so hard to better!!!!She has always answered all my calls even at 10 p.m She is so passionate about helping people with the disease of addiction!!!!!I would love to give her a big HUG….Hopefully everyone else in need can find her as I did.THANK YOU COURTNEY!!!!!!!I GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!!!!!

  32. nicky says:

    Thank you so much Courtney for helping me find a suboxone doctor. Before I found this site I had to call so many different places in Ct to try and find a place that took state insurance, no doctors took state insurance. Most every place I called was rude and I felt like because I am an addict people feel they can treat me like crap. All I wanted was a chance to get on this medication that has helped so many people and get my life back. You were so kind and caring you did not rush me, you did not treat me differently it was so nice to feel like someone understood and really cared about me. Having overdosed several times I knew I was living on borrowed time, the heroin that is in this state is dangerous and killing people. I’m to young to die, I did not want this I did not plan this. Fixing my problem is what I did want. Thank you so much for your kind heart and your help. If you are seeking help and cannot find it call Courtney she will help you find a suboxone doctor.


  33. Bailey says:

    I would like to reply to many of the comments concerning Courtney and confirm she is one of the most understanding people I have ever spoken to, for many that takes a life time to find. If she could be my therapist I would pay her by the second because she knows what she is talking about. Please take this seriously because your recovery is so important and after speaking to Courtney and getting into new treatment I am in such a better place and I know this is possible for you!! Take care of yourself and make sure your journey of sobriety is serious and passionate. Namaste!

  34. Ron D says:

    I have been desperately trying to find a Suboxone doctor. I’ve been using heroin for years and a lot of it. I’ve made countless calls to doctors who can prescribe Suboxone all over Connecticut. Every call was a dead end. I have Medicaid or state insurance. When I am asked about my insurance and I say state of Connecticut, they hang up. All I want is to stop waking up everyday needing dope to feel normal or worse feel sick from the withdrawal symptoms.

    Today I contacted Courtney from this site Connecticut Suboxone . She was kind, caring and understanding of my want and how hard it is to find a doctor that accepts state insurance. She helped me find a Suboxone doctor that takes my insurance, I have an appointment next week.I was so close to giving up on my want to live a sober life thank you so much for your time and for caring about addicts we are people to.

  35. Sam says:

    Just called and spoke with Courtney. She exceeded my expectations… Was a great caring person with answers to all of my questions and even gave me some advise on finding a job…. Highly recommended!!!

    • Court says:


      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it really means a lot.
      I am happy I was able to help you, you have a new start. As for the job suggestion… it is the little things in life that truly matter.

      Take good care,

  36. Anthony U says:

    Let me just say this about this website: I sent them an email around 2/230pm on a Thursday no less! And by 350pm the same day, my email was returned by a live person on a phone found a doctor and was able to get in touch with the doctor and make an appointment for Friday morning at 1030. I had #1 6mg strip left and my old doctor switched his schedule to work the one day out of the week I work a double, talk about a life saver!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! You pretty much saved my sobriety! Its pay per visit but its better to pay a doc then a dealer!

    • Court says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to show your appreciation for finding help here on Knowing that I have been able to help a lot of people means so very much to me. Helping someone find a Suboxone provider is something I can never promise, but I will do my very best. As I remain hopeful that Suboxone providers will continue to reach out to ctsuboxone, letting us know if they are accepting new patients. If they are accepting people with insurance or if they are fee for service providers.

      There is a large problem/epedemic in Connecticut with the difficulties finding a Suboxone doctor. While the need for more providers is crucial for the countless people who suffer from opiate addiction. Suboxone has been a stepping stone for so many, a stepping stone for people to become positive citizens in society.

      Please feel free to share your story, the difficulties you or a loved one has had trying to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut.Sharing stories of success is also something that may help others, possibly the state of Connecticut will read, see that the need for providers will only be beneficial to our state.

      I am so very happy you are no longer worried about your sobriety, as sobriety cannot be bought. Wishing you the very best on your continuing journey of sobriety. You can email me directly anytime, if there is anything I can do for you, or if you would like to,let me know how you are doing. It is always nice to get an email from someone who is doing well, or if someone needs to talk. I am always here.

      Wishing you the very ,

  37. Melissa says:

    Thank you is what I first need to say here! Thank you so much to a wonderful woman named Courtney! Thank you for taking the time to help me. And you didn’t only help me, you also listened! It’s been so long since I had someone listen to me, and care about me. I finally have faith in myself and hope for the future because of this site and Courtney. This woman should be recognized for all that she does for people. The amount of people this one woman has helped is amazing!! I can’t imagine being in her shoes. She cares so much for so many, and receives nothing in return! She helps people everyday, who have no hope, who suffer from this illness we have, addiction. And before I found her, I was that person with no hope. But thank god I found her when I did. Courtney thank you so much! For helping me take back my life! I will always be grateful for you! You are a wonderful human being!

  38. Jill says:

    When someone comes in for suboxone,and their urine is tested,is a medical provider in the room with them?

    • Court says:

      It depends on the Suboxone provider, with all honesty I would have to wonder why this would be a concern if you are trying to get your life back together Many doctors will have them sent out to a testing center and may also do on an spot test. With each provider being different, it is hard to say.

      Take care of yourself, and if I can help you in any other way please feel free to contact me.

    • Court says:


      While I do not believe that there is a medical professional in the room while you are being tested the urine tests are very sensitive. As I do not know the reason for your question, I will say that being honest with yourself as well as your provider is very important to remaining sober. Being honest about any cravings you may be having should be talked about. If you have used respect is given for honesty.

      Wishing you the very best,

    • Court says:

      I am unsure if a provider or medical staff is present during a urine test. With that said, I can only hope that you are being honest to yourself as well as your provider. Being honest is a must when it comes to sobriety,getting out of behaviors that one shows while actively using.


  39. longtime1 says:

    i had just gotten out of detox and i was really having trouble stopping the cravings and i got this number for a woman named Courtney who was honestly the reason i am clean to this day she didn’t make a cent off of me but she did absolutely everything in her power to get me on to a suboxone program so people need to start being aware of this woman and all the good that she does without asking anything in return

    • Court says:


      Thank you so much for taking a few moments to leave a comment. It is you who wanted help and I will help whomever I can. Continue on the sober road although times may get tough, do not give in, pick up the phone and call me anytime.

      Recovery is a selfish act ( as we spoke about) putting yourself first is crucial in the recovery process.

      You have been through a lot, there is nothing you cannot overcome. Having a new outlook on life because of what you have been through will only make you a stronger better person.

      Keep in touch, and stay honest with yourself and to your new life of sobriety

  40. Mike says:


    With all that I went through trying to find a suboxone provider in this tiny state called Connecticut the need to share my story with others who have an opiate addiction. A drug is a drug right? Not so much, I have found that being addicted to opiates leaves many very alone and highly discriminated against.

    My addiction to pain medication started at a very young age, 16. It was the cool thing to do in school. Living and growing up in Avon Connecticut you wouldn’t think that this would be an issue, it was more of an epidemic or who was “cooler” because we would get pain killers from our parents. They did not know, at the time that is everything runs out eventually and it was then that I was not just a cool kid, none of us were, we were surviving. Missing so many days of school and always having an excuse that not only my parents bought but the other kids parents did as well.

    Once the pills were gone it was hell to function. I was taking as many pills as I could fill in a fist and it was not Tylenol it was percocet or vicoden and a few times oxy contin. That was where life was never the same, after I met my first love that I hated, oxy’s.

    This escapade turned into buying dope within a few months, being sick was not an option, it was not a runny nose sick, it was an all over body ache, a mental hell when all I could think about was heroin. Sick to my stomach spending most of the time in the bathroom. We were no longer cool nor were we friends, we did drugs together and whoever had the stuff was the one you spent your time with.

    Sniffing heroin, my second love but it was yet again short lived. My tolerance grew quickly and I began stealing bigger more expensive things from my hard working parents. In less than one year I went from taking prescription pain killers to buying dope, sniffing it then right to the vein, I fell in love again with that rush the rush that you only get once no matter how hard you try. Try I did, I wanted that high so badly, that warm all over feeling of this poison that with it made me normal, sociable, functional.

    Within two years I stole over $80,000 dollars from my parents, I treated my “so called friends” had no care about what I was doing to my parents but more importantly myself, my future. My parents knew that I was using drugs but did not know what, denial they were in and so was I. Tomorrow became my favorite word, ” I will only use 3 bags tomorrow” compared to the 10- 15 bags. Three never came and the 10-15 grew to 20 plus a day.

    I was a junkie, I did it to myself but never did I think I would be in the situation I was in and that was hell. Escaping was all I wanted to do, I would dream about dope, needles being high. Getting clean was something I began to crave but it was so far off and admitting that I was an addict was the hardest part. Life in one hand and death in the other and a path of continuing or getting myself back, but who the hell was I?

    My efforts to get help for this disease became just as difficult as it was to find the drugs (at times) being treated like I was a no body after calling doctor after doctor. How could people be so cruel, careless when this was their job to help. Being hung up on more times than I can remember was frustrating yet I continued. I prayed, I cried and then I found this very website, ctsuboxone. At first I could not reach this Courtney everyone talked about, she has helped so many others. As I continued to try and reach her my efforts paid off, she answered the phone with a kind “hello”. At first I thought I had the wrong number but she reassured me I did not, we spoke and it had been the first time in years that I felt like a human being. No judgement was passed onto me, her caring voice, her understanding, her passion to help people not many want to. Our conversation lasted for hours, I felt bad but yet I felt great because for the first time I WAS HEARD.

    Her telling me I was not alone and that although she would not promise she could get me help she promised she would try and that she did. She found a doctor that was accepting new patients, she gave me all of the information and said to keep her number if I ever needed someone to talk to.

    After hanging up I cried, yes I am a man and I cried because of one person and her kind heart, non judgmental attitude. Courtney you saved my life, I said that to you and you said ” no it was you who made the call, I am just here to help”. You are so much more than just someone who helps, you save lives, renew faith and you made me feel like I could do this all because of your kindness, the time you spent speaking with me, you made me laugh and you do not like the word “junkie” as I had used it.

    Thank you will never be enough for what you not only did for me, Courtney but for the many others. Connecticut has an angel Daniel Malloy, she is here helping and changing lives.

    You asked me to work on random acts of kindness and I have, it makes me feel good to lend a hand to another especially when all you hear is bad things, I am working on doing good by myself and to others and again it is YOU that I thank.

    I will keep in touch with you, thank you for having this website for people who need help finding a suboxone doctor, I truly was un able to find one without you.

    Take very good care,
    a million thank you’s

  41. Kerri says:

    First and foremost, I need to thank this amazing woman Courtney! It is so true, all of the other comments I’ve read on and what everyone is saying about her! She definitely is just a kind hearted, caring person. It’s so much of a relief to FINALLY, after trying to find a doctor for so long, that I felt it was just hopeless, until I found Courtney and I was lost and now I am found!! Courtney thank you so much,what you do kindly everyday for so many people. What an amazing, and selfless person you are Courtney! Once again, I can not thank you enough for helping me, and in the long run, saving my life!! So much thanks love and gratitude, I hope people continue to show their gratitude for you, and please, please, never ever give up! What you are doing is helping so many and hopefully you never let that special thing inside you go out!! I wish more people out there were as caring, helpful and hopeful as you!!! thank you Courtney I will definitely keep in touch with you! Thank you!
    With all of my gratitude, and every piece of my heart,

  42. Sammy says:


    I just wanted to say how truly grateful for This site has saved my life, Courtney spent so much time with me finding me a suboxone doctor. Without her help I do not know where I would be, I was so desperate wanting my life back. Thank you so much Courtney and for this site as it clear you help so many. Once I am steady on my medication I would like to help you, Connecticut is so blessed to have this site to turn to as well as having the ability to speak to you, your calm voice and positive attitude is admirable, When I asked why it was that you helped people. you said ” because someone has to care, people need help”

    I will keep you updated on my status, Thank you so very much for all that you do, thank you for having faith in myself and others.

    Take care,

  43. Gary says:

    For months I had been desperately searching for a doctor that would agree to treat me, to no avail. It’s been a frustrating and lonely journey that seemed to be hopeless. Prior to this last relapse I had three years sober with the help of suboxone. Due to unfortunate circumstances my doctor was shut down and eventually I relapsed.
    Yesterday I spoke with Courtney and very quickly things became much brighter, suddenly hope has returned. It is amazing how much impact someone with compassion and understanding can have on your life when you’ve been beat down and discouraged for so long.
    I spoke with a doc today, thanks to Courtney, and I am confident that this is the beginning to a whole new chance at a good life. This is a great blessing!
    Thank you Courtney!


    • Court says:


      I am so very happy that I was able to assist you, while this road has been anything but easy but you have a goal and are eager to make it happen. Thank you so much for keeping me updated on your status, it is always nice to hear from you and to know you are doing well.

      Thank you so very much for leaving a comment on as it helps others.


  44. Angie says:

    I am in shock with what is occurring in Connecticut, people including myself being shut off of medications I have been on for years, I was given a two week supply of my medication. Yes I take Suboxone but I also take antidepressants all I see is people going down hill again including myself. Hospitals are going to be overloaded with people needing help, help that they cannot provide. It is disgusting the lack of care or thought that was put into this new change if it had to do with saving money I strongly disagree it will only cost the state thousands of dollars. People who have been on medication for opiate addiction and other medications that have given lives back and it is not easy. It is BEYOND difficult to find a suboxone provider in Connecticut I fear what is going to happen. State of Connecticut so you have no care for the people who live here? Are people who suffer from opiate addiction and other mental health issues simply just disposable? It sure seems that way.

    • Court says:


      I am so sorry to hear you have also been affected by this change….. there was NO warning that this was going to occur.Please fill out the form on the home page that has been set up for people who have been affected by this, as well as any family members or friends.

      Please feel free to contact me if you need help finding another provider.Although I cannot promise to find a provider, I promise to do my very best.


      • Jen says:

        Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, and allowing me to join you and ctsuboxone on this amazingly positive and helpful journey! I am extremely eager to start helping as many people as possible! Courtney I am very grateful for you and for ctsuboxone! I just want everyone out there, whether seeking help for yourself, for another, or just more information, that you have a voice, and you matter!! Never give up, help is here! I hope to be as helpful, caring and insipiring to all, as Courtney and ctsuboxone has been, and will continue to be! Again Courtney, thank you so much! CTSuboxone is making a difference, it’s encouraging, it’s helping people, it is changing people’s lives! CTSuboxone is a blessing!! And I hope that more and more people everywhere start to recognize just how much a blessing it is!!
        Everyone will need some kind of help in one way or another. Please don’t forget about gratitude, and paying it forward in any way you can. 🙂
        Thank you Court and CTSuboxone!


  45. nate says:

    Amazing person, always helped me a find a provider even tho its almost impossible. The most caring person for addicts I’ve ever talked to . I highly recommend her if you are having any trouble with suboxone. Thank you so much

    • Court says:


      Thank you for your comment… always a pleasure to see comments from you, your appreciation is noted : ) and is always welcome.

      Take care,


  46. Jenny says:

    I have to say that I am so grateful to have found! This site is very much needed, and has helped me tremendously! Courtney is an amazingly caring person and she should be recognized as a savior, a hero, that has helped so many! Thanks to Courtney and, I was finally able to get the help I so desperately needed! I urge you, If you or anyone you know is struggling with opiate addiction, please, please call Courtney, and please help spread the word about this amazing woman Courtney and the incredible impact she and this site is having on people’s lives!! She is so inspiring and I only hope more people come to realize how important is and very much needed! It will truly be the best phone call you will make! You will get the help you need!

  47. Jen says:

    Hi my name is Jen and I have been struggling with prescription pain killers(extremely high doses) since May 2011. I just couldn’t handle the fear anymore, the withdrawals, running out, not feeling like myself, being dependent on these things that were ruining my life! I tried searching for suboxone doctors and it was all the same thing, over and over. They don’t accept my insurance, or they weren’t taking patients, or the cost was absolutely outrageous! I was referred to this site and thank god! I talked to Courtney and I finally had hope! The feeling that there is someone out there that cares, and someone who is willing to get you on the road to help!! She is willing to help and go out of her way to help you and succeed in getting you the help you truly need! I’m so confident that this was defintely the best call I could’ve made! I wish I had found sooner. But now I am just thankful! If anyone reading this is in need of getting help, this site is it!! Thank you so much Courtney! I can’t thank you enough!! And I will be talking to you soon!
    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You,

  48. Chris says:

    My name is Chris and I have suffered with prescription pain killer and heroin addiction for going on 13 years. I had been trying for weeks to try and find a Doctor or hospital that would take me in and help me. Unfortunately the common response is “We’re not accepting anymore patients” or “We’re Full” or “You don’t meet our requirements” it is absolutely frustrating and made me feel even more hopeless. Thankfully I came across, decided to call the number and I spoke with Courtney for over an hour. Not only did she point me in the right direction to getting the help I need, she truly does care about each and everyone of us who is struggling with this disease and is a genuinely kind-hearted person. If you have made it to this site, please pick up the phone and call, it will be the best thing you can do to getting closer to living a normal life again. Thanks again Courtney, I will be in touch! Best of luck to all of you seeking help, you will find it through this site!


    • Court says:


      Thank you very much for leaving a comment on the site, it is helpful for others and it is nice to see appreciation. It doesn’t take much time but it means a lot to know that even though I am just one person I am helping people who suffer with opiate addiction.

      Yes… we did talk for sometime, many who call are not expecting my voice with countless failed attempts while reaching out to Suboxone providers, another dead end is what most expect. Passing judgement is not something I do, it is not for me to judge. Most are just happy to find someone that they can speak to and as I told you I am always here you may call me anytime, no one ever has to feel alone when things get tough. One day I hope to have more than one of me and I encourage people who have gotten on a steady road to call if they want to help.

      Those 13 years of not truly living just surviving are over, if you follow through with getting help that is. It was clear in your voice that you want to start your life, exhausted of the repeating cycle. Hitting that wall waking up saying ” I’ve had enough ” is powerful, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way of getting on the right track. Please stay in touch let me know how you are doing, it was really nice speaking with you.

      Best wishes to you on the road to recovery : )

    • Father says:

      Keep up the fight man. you got this. I am a father of three and I been there. Just never lose hope. I know Courtney has your and all of our backs.

  49. Warren says:

    There are so many things I want to say yet I do not think I will be able to say it all here and now, but I will do my best….


    When I found this website I did not run for her number, or for her email I wanted to see what was behind all the comments about this amazing woman that has helped so many. Comments left here about her…. I am not ashamed to say that I was chocked up reading them, it takes someone special to do what she is doing.

    As I am weak, desperate for help, I noticed that there was something very different here on this site, some may think I am crazy for what I am about to say but I am not crazy just observant….. this woman is an angel, it is sad to see that all of her help is not seen or recognized.

    So after spending over an hour on this site, I did reach out to her, I understood that it was only her so I was not going to have a fit and leave comments such as the ones I had seen ” I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CALL YOU, BUT YOU HAVE NOT CALLED ME BACK” OR ” I NEED HELP NOW” THOSE ARE JUST A FEW MESSAGES I READ. COMPLETELY DISGUSTED THAT PEOPLE COULD BE SO SELFISH, people are not out there trying to help like this woman is, so why be so rude…. respect people respect.

    MY STORY….. This woman that so many speak about… did in fact contact me back, it took a day or two but that was perfectly fine because i know it is not all about me, as one person she is.

    The phone rang, amazed by the kindness, calmness and a general good feeling. She cared she wanted to know about me…. my disease she did not rush me at all she listened she cared. While she asked questions it made me feel good, with not having any care about myself for years someone did, Courtney from ctsuboxone cared. She was able to find me a doctor and what a relief that was, after calling well over 20 doctors and in all honesty I cant believe how badly I was treated by some of these offices, giving up… giving up is what I felt like doing. People who are working in the offices of these suboxone providers in Connecticut and their assumption of “just another junkie” “low life” it is just wrong…. AND THEY GET PAID TO TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP, HANG UP ON YOU JUST THE RUDE PEOPLE…. BUT COURTNEY IS NOT, AND SHE SAVED MY LIFE AND IT IS CLEAR I AM NOT THE ONE EITHER.#



    Thank you so much Courtney for all of your help, thank you for being there for me, do not ever let anyone get you down, very few people have what you do. There will never be enough thank you.

    • Court says:


      I thank you for leaving such an in depth comment about your experience with ctsuboxone and the help you were able to obtain. It is really nice to see people showing appreciation, it is the smallest things that take little effort that can truly make a difference. It has been suggested before in a comment that ” someone notice me for the good I do” well I am noticed by the people I am able to assist. Here is a quote from one of my favorite sayings by Dr. Kent M. Keith he wrote the Paradoxical Commandments “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow” “Do good Anyway” If more people would take a moment and do something nice for another, unselfish acts of kindness the world would be a nicer place. Even if the world doesn’t change, you can still be a positive source for others to see and possibly follow. What one person does make a difference and it feels good especially in today’s world.

      You are correct there is an epidemic of opiate addiction in Connecticut and throughout the nation help is much needed.

      While countless people reach out to me for help to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut because they are unable to find one alone. You are not the first person to express how difficult and frustrating it becomes while contacting providers, it is bothersome that people seeking help are not treated well. Unfortunately people can be cruel we cannot change what others do but knowing how bad it feels to be treated in that manor try not to do it to others. With so many people reaching out for help by the providers in Connecticut and having a limit of how many patients a Suboxone provider can have is frustrating. For the first year a provider can only treat 30 patients, a small number it seems. After that year they can have no more than 100 patients in my opinion that is not a lot of patients, I am hopeful VERY hopeful that someday the number will be raised. Even if it were extended to 25 more patients, that’s 25 more lives that could be changed/saved with Suboxone treatment.

      Help is much needed by state agencies and officials in Connecticut. I have said this many times before, far to many lives are being lost and ruined because there is not enough help for opiate addiction, a disease that does not discriminate. Connecticut needs more providers… it is my belief that people who suffer from opiate addiction should be somewhat responsible for their care/treatment.

      While it takes at least 13 years to become a doctor with that comes a gift, the ability to help others and save lives. Caring for people from all walks of life and an array of issues, the disease of addiction is an area that needs more providers.

      Thank you again Warren for taking the time to leave a comment, it is always appreciated.


  50. Mandi says:

    What is the number to call for help??? I need tospeaj to someone asap!! I need help no one will help me, I’ve tried everywhere!! Everything is full, I’m running out of options and hope… I can’t do this anymore..

    • Court says:


      You are not alone…. many people are seeking a Suboxone provider in Connecticut. Many seem to think it is the lack of doctors, my belief (with the major increase with people contacting me) is that there is an epidemic growing quickly. With the limitations of patients a doctor can see 30 for the first year after 1 year they can treat 100. It is my opinion that the number of patients a Suboxone provider can care for be increased. I ask for ANYONE who would like to help raise the awareness about the need for more doctors, Suboxone is saving lives from the disease of addiction help should not be so difficult.

      Please contact me, 860-966-3964 PLEASE understand that it is just myself helping as many people as I can. If you can send me a text message that would be great. My voice mail is ALWAYS full, keep trying email me at and leave me your contact information.

      I look forward to speaking with you and will do my best to get you on the road to recovery with a Suboxone provider.


  51. Jerry Pich says:

    Courtney,thank you very much.Good deeds deserve another.I’ll get back to you.Jerry P

    • Court says:


      You are very welcome, I am thankful I was able to help you. Please let me know how you are doing!

      Warm regards,

  52. K RN says:

    I just had to leave another comment.
    Today I am 48 hours sober!! I truly do not believe this would have happened if I had not called Courtney. She found me a doctor when I had struck out finding one all day. I was finally wanting/needing to get help and was totally discouraged when I couldn’t find one. So if you are looking for help give Courtney a call!! She actually cares about other people and about helping them.
    Good luck to all! You CAN do this!!

    • Court says:

      Thank you so much for leaving not only one comment but two. I am so happy I was able to help you find a provider, 48 hours clean that is excellent. You are on the path you have been wanting to be on for a long time. Continue to stay positive, you are a strong woman and I have faith that you will be ok.

      It is beyond difficult to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut, even harder to find a doctor that truly cares about this disease of addiction. has been helping people for almost 3 years, it consists of myself with that brings great difficulties. One person (myself) trying to help countless people, I do my best and I am sorry that I cannot help everyone. One day sooner than later I am hopeful that there will be funding so I can have others assisting me. Until then it is just myself, if there is anyone that would like to help PLEASE contact me at What I do is an unselfish act it is done because I care, because I want to make a difference in this world that can be so cruel.

      Wishing you the very best,

  53. Kelly says:

    What an excellent website just when I was about to give up no hope having called so many so called suboxone doctors and the same every time I would call ” no we are not taking new people”. yes I am an addict or to all of the doctors a junkie but I am a human and I am begging for help for weeks now the only thing I got was another dead end careless and rude people.
    I found ctsuboxone when I started my search for a doctor but it was hard to get through. I now know why because it is one person one woman who cares her name is Courtney from ctsuboxone she helped me find a suboxone doctor
    she was so so nice, she did not rush me off the phone she cared about me she cares about us addicts. It was worth the wait to talk to her because I could not find a doctor. And I was ready to go use but the phone rang, and it was her! so I did not use I have an appointment with a suboxone doctor. I want to say thank you to ctsuboxone to Cortney she saved my life, one person and she explained and she explained that she was the only one that answers the phone, she doesn’t get paid for doing this I asked then why would you do this why would you help out junkies? She did not like that I said junkies, she said we all bleed the same blood and just because someone needs help doesn’t make them any worse or better than anyone else. She said that she does it because she cares, because someone has to. Courtney you are amazing the news should know about you or Connecticut because you were able to help me with the other comments left I am not alone. thank you does not seem like enough, but thank you. why can’t other people care like she does? But I do not think Courtney could be replaced by anyone else.
    You saved my life a moment away from using and the phone rings, after we talked for over 2 hours I was able to vent and you listened and cared.
    Thank you so much, please don’t ever go away.

    Kelly : )

  54. I need help finding a doctor who takes insurance, please I need help, I live in New Haven Connecticut, but I will travel I’m desperate to find a doctor

  55. Lee says:

    HELP!!! I am an addict and need immediate assistance before I hit rock bottom and lose everything I have left.
    Please someone (Courtney? Whom I’ve read so many great comments about)anyone that can point me in the right direction. I do not want this to go on even one more day…week…month

  56. Lee says:

    HELP!!! I am an addict and need immediate assistance before I hit rock bottom and lose everything I have left.
    Please someone (Courtney? Whom I’ve read so many great comments about)anyone that can point me in the right direction. I do not want this to go one even another week.

  57. Mary says:

    Courntey, I’ve been trying & trying to reach you. I’m in despearate need to find a suboxone dr. who takes state insurance. Please contact me.

  58. Mary says:

    Courtney, I don’t know how else to reach you? I’ve tried the number & email. I’m sure you are very busy. Could you contact me. I desperately need the help in finding a suboxone dr. Thank you!

  59. Heather says:

    My name is Heather and I am an addict. At one time I could never say that, I would not say the words, the truth I am an addict.
    Asking myself “why” that answer did not come quickly but I started being honest with myself allowing me to find out why the truth of addiction of my addiction , something all of us seeking help are. Afraid is something I am no longer, finding this website was a blessing not just the website who was behind it. The woman EVERYONE speaks so highly about, Courtney her passion for us her passion for wanting to make a difference. She was not easy to reach assuming that it was never going to happen, the help so many have received from her. My faith kicked in when I realized that this one woman was the only one answering calls. As I was at my lowest the phone rang low and behold it was her! Courtney…. I cried because I was so thankful, she said she was sorry it took some time to get back to me, that my call was important as all are, clear that is. She spoke with me for well over an hour as I cried tears of joy and tears of lost faith, she was able to work with me and find me a doctor. Even more important she was just amazing on how patient she was, the care in her voice, even when she said ” I cannot promise I can find you a doctor but I will do my best. I was curious on how many people called her, she said ” a lot” and it is clear because her voicemail is always full.
    My question is does anyone notice her, or do people only care that she can help? That she does this because “someone has to care” she said. But who cares about what she is doing? The lives she has saved? The lives she has changed? I think if she has touched your life as she has touched mine, we need to reach out and get her noticed for all the good she does and where so many would be without her.
    She still calls me to see how I am doing, she will send me a text saying hello, simple things that make me feel good. Few people very very few if any I have met are as unique as Courtney at this site, so thank you is not enough and it never will be I am going to call newspapers or the state of Connecticut or both to have her noticed for what she has done,doing and will continue to do. Angels to exist and here on earth, in Connecticut it is you Courtney and this site. You saved my life and I will forever be thankful for what you have done and do for people who suffer from opiate addiction, the disease that is spreading opitae addiction in our state of Connecticut and the country.

    With love,

    • Court says:


      Thank you for your comment the time you took to write it. As much as I try getting to everyone in need right away is nearly impossible. I do my best, I truly am so many are in need of help I wish that there was more time in the day. It is important that people know this if I do not get back to you it is nothing personal, if it takes me sometime to get back to you it is nothing personal I am only one person doing my best to help hundreds of people in Connecticut seek help for this disease of opiate addiction.

      As for getting me noticed there is no need, I do my best to help because I care because I want to because if I stop who will. Knowing that I have touched the lives of many, and possibly saved lives ( I am going off of what people say in comments) is truly priceless.

      For anyone that would like to help me help others please feel free to email me at subject – would like to help. Someday sooner than later I have hope that I will not be the only one, that others will want to lend the hand to another as they were. Paying it forward and ONE random act of kindness everyday, if everyone would do that it becomes contagious the world would be a kinder place.

      You are a strong woman and admitting that you are an addict is not easy, but you did it. I am always here so feel free to email me, send a text.

      Wishing you strength, hope & happiness

  60. Ray says:

    I have been abusing pain killers for years, after an operation I was given oxy codone 10mg. At first I used them as the doctor said to, but after a month I was taking more, I started running out of medication. I started buying them off the streets, that was expensive and it was showing when bills were not getting paid. I was scared, I needed the pills to function to work, to just get out of bed and feel normal. NORMAL, what is that? All I knew was getting sick, going without would disable me. I did not consider myself an addict, but I was, I could not afford to keep buying pills costing $130.00 daily. So I tried heroin, it was cheaper…at first. Sniffing bags of dope just to function, within weeks it just not enough, I wen t all in and started shooting it into my vein. Now I am a junky, my appearance and my actions were noticed by my family and my job.
    what have I done, why did I allow this? life was spinning out of control, I needed help. Ashamed for what I had been doing living a lie.
    I grabbed my computer and found this site, and called the number. I spoke to Courtney, this amazing woman everyone talks about and I was so nervous and ashamed, She talked to me and I felt like I was not alone, I finally told someone the hardest thing, I HAVE A PROBLEM. She said that was the first step to getting help, she assured me she would help but said ” I cannot promise anything but I will do my best”. She did just that, and found me a doctor. I called dozens of places and no luck. She Courtney helped me find a doctor, I was able to get an appointment
    Thank you so much Courtney for giving me a new outlook, if I did not find you I do not think I would be sober today, I was able to be honest with myself, and I started writing in a journal like you suggested. There are no words really for what you have done for me, and thank you will never be enough. Finding someone who cares about others.

    Thank You So Much

  61. Randy says:

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this useful info with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Bruce says:

    Courtney, thank you for taking the time to talk with me! I felt much better after that conversation. I hope to reach you soon as I am looking forward to meeting with the doctor on Monday. It’s given me hope, thank you!

  63. Court says: has been an outlet for many in search of a Suboxone doctor in Connecticut, I have spoken to thousands of people,trying my best to find a provider.

    Amazed by the wonderful people who have touched my life, and kept me going to help all I can. If I could help everyone I would, it is not that easy, failure is not an option. As I will continue to do all that I can, your help is needed to bring awareness to this major problem.

    With the budget cuts in Connecticut, I am concerned how many will be affected. I will still continue on, and seek help for all.

    Reading through the comments left, people speak about me (Courtney) as some amazing person, honestly I am just someone who cares. Acts of kindness to help others, makes me no better than anyone else. If I could say one thing to everyone it would be to do one random act of kindness. There is far to much anger, selfishness when an act of kindness can give you something money cannot buy.

    TRY… to do one thing everyday to help another. TRY… to think about how a simple act can change another persons day. Holding a door, carrying something for an elderly person. There are so many things one can do. It becomes contagious, and it feels good, it is food for the soul.

    • Court says:

      This was a message left in our email, thank you Nathan for your gratitude.

      Connecticut Suboxone, or ctsuboxone hasanged my life, one person everyone talks about, Courtney. I emailed her and within a day or so she contacted me back. It was a 50/50 chance, possibly a scam, another place that says they can help, and they do nothing. Well wrong I was, Courtney extended her kindness to me just “another junkie”, when I said that to her she quickly responded with ” you are a human being with feelings, I do not consider anyone a junkie” I found myself speaking to this woman I have never met, but she was/is so different because she was kind, caring listened to me. We spoke for over 2 hours, I cried she listened, gave me something I never thought I would posses again, HOPE. Desperate for help, life or death, needing a doctor for suboxone. She, the person everyone talks about here, helped me. Gave me numbers to doctors, made calls for me, and she was able to help me find a doctor. It was not right away, but it happened and it was worth the week wait. The time went by slowly, but her words of encouragement, letting me know I could call her anytime that I WAS NOT A BOTHER. Those words helped me more than I can even write. I took the time and read every comment left on this site, everyone says the same thing, “she is amazing, and angel, caring” all of the things are true.

      I am currently on suboxone, thanks to Courtney, for her passion to help.

      So I question this, does anyone notice her? Aside from the many people she has helped, does our state of Connecticut know what this ONE person is doing? They should, she has given me a new look at life, hope, and so many other people say the same.

      Connecticut, the governor, Daniel Malloy do you know how many people she has helped? Do you care? It is rare to find someone so dedicated to help others, I just wonder is she noticed, if not someone should. You do not find people that really care, genuine people like Courtney and ctsuboxon, without this site, without Courtney so many more people would be lost. SO PLEASE pay attention all you hear on the news is bad, why not give attention to what is being done. Or do we, people with drug problems not matter? They matter to her, with the care she has it has changed me to help others when I can.

      Thank you connecticut suboxone, and Courtney for helping me, for the posivitve energy and being a rare person, rare because kind people are hard to find.

      I will always be thankful for the help you gave me, the time for talking to me and for all the people you have helped, and for the people you will help.

      Forever I will be thankful,

  64. Brooke Vecchi says:

    Hello my name is Brooke and I just wanted to take a moment to speak to the amazing aspects of this site. I have many friends and family who are addicts and the biggest stress when they try to find help is that they do not want to leave an anonymous message to a machine or even as simple as they do not want to be judged. Courtney is a good friend of mine and I am amazed by everything she puts into this site and what she puts into the people she’s helping. For those of you who don’t know, Courtney is not paid for what she has been doing so far. She is not doing this for the money. Her phone rings off the hook with calls all day and she makes sure to take time in every call. It is amazing to see her pick up a phone call and remember the name of every person that calls. She is the first person in this line of work I have seen who not only treats the disease but makes every attempt to connect with the person. Courtney is changing lives everyday and I just wanted to allow people to realize the amount of dedication she has. It is a blessing that when my loved ones need help they do not just reach another recording but a person who knows that the healing process for each person is different.

    • Court says:


      Thank you so much for your words of kindness, you know first hand how much my phone rings. There have been times people need to walk away from me because of the PHONE, while everyone has a purpose in life, mine is helping people on a level many do not understand. Knowing that I have been able to help people find help that they were unable to find on their own. Every person I have spoken to, if I was able to help them or not, they are people with feelings, they didn’t wake one day and ask to be bound by the chains of opiates. I have spoken to people from all walks of life, many keep in touch on a regular basis, some will call just to have someone to speak to without prejudice.

      When someone calls for help to find a suboxone provider, on the other end of the line a connection is made, they are quickly reassured that judgement is not being passed. Little things in life DO matter, life is far from easy, there is no “life manual”, but one word, one action, an act of kindness means a lot. Life is short yet fast, most think life is about what you have, material things. Something that cannot be bought is true care and passion, there is no price tag for that.

      As this disease has ruined so many lives,taken lives far to soon, I do whatever I can to help people seek help they so badly want. Having the vision of “life without opiates” is seen through the eyes of many. So many suffer from this disease, the suffering is not always understood by loved ones, having an understanding the definition of opiate addiction may help. It is not just as easy as minds who have never faced addiction, to simply just stop, as it turns into a mental and physical disease, the option to “just stop” is stronger than one can imagine.

      It is really disturbing to hear how people are treated by office staff when they call seeking help. If it were yourself or a family member seeking help, would you be rude to them? If it were your boss calling would you be rude, your mother father etc? People shouldn’t feel worse after calling an office because a staff member was really rude. So I tried calling some of the places that have been complained about, and it is true, as I found rude to be an understatement. Considering unprofessional fits, “nope not taking new patients” then hanging up!

      With that, I am going to end this with, think about the small things and try to help where you can. With so much hurt already felt, so much can be done with kind words.

  65. Becky says:

    I have to say that I am so very thankful for this site, for Courtney and the time she spends helping people like myself, in need of a suboxone provider.

  66. Danny says:

    Hello Courtney,

    I have spent a great deal of time this morning and last night reading about all the good you do for people in CT. I’ve been on suboxone for 3+ years successfully. But I am writing on behalf of a loved one. She is stuck with HUSKY insurance and has had a very difficult time finding a physician who can take her. So i have tried to search for providers, including the term HUSKY so I can get a list, even a very short list, of providers who do accept husky in the fairfield area.

    I realize how ridiculously busy you must be. And there are so many people out there indebted to you. I just want to help her because she is simply at the breaking point. She can’t afford these ridiculous cash-only doctors, even with my help.

    Any direction you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!


    • Court says:


      I want to thank you SO VERY much for taking the time to leave a comment for your loved one. You took the time to read through this site, and show gratitude for what I do for others. As I ask anyone I help to kindly take a few moments and leave a comment, not for myself, but for others to see that HERE, at ctsuboxone there is care.

      As I may be one person, I am one person on a mission to help all the people I can that suffer from the disease of addiction. It is heartbreaking to know how many face this disease, and help is so very hard to get in the state of Connecticut.

      I will continue to help all that I can, and I remain hopeful that change is on it’s way. With encouragement I ask anyone who would like to send in their story of the struggle’s they have faced, to help others in this epedemic.

      Wishing you the very best, and I will help you fiance in anyway I can.

      Best Wishes,

  67. Tod says:

    Hi it’s me again. I know you are a very good person so I’m turning for some I hope very quick help. I’m an addict for a long time now and really need to get this out of my life! Have a wife and four kids and can’t keep doing this. Please I need you now!!!! Contact me at ASAP. Or on my email. You truly are a good person for what you are doing and hope to here from you soon because I’m going crazy. I need a suboxone script so I can be sane again. Thank you Tod

    • Court says:

      Tod ~

      I know it took you some time to get ahold of me, but I am hopeful the information I gave you brings you to where you want to be. SOBER. You are strong willed as well as ambitious, never losing sight of the needs of your loved ones.

      Please feel free to call, let me know how you are doing or if you simply need someone to talk to.

      Wishing you well, and a successful road to recovery.


      • Court says:

        ctuboxone has been a a site that thousands have turned to for help, as I ( Courtney) am the only one who answers the calls of so many people seeking help for opiate addiction. Although I have only met a hanful of people face to face, I have met some truly amazing people, from all walks of life.

        As many think that people that suffer from this disease chose this path/life of endless pain. It simply is not so, many were given a prescription by a doctor, not knowing that a prescription for an opiate, such as Vicoden, Oxy Codone, Ox y Contin ETC. With many not aware of the danger that even one prescription may have. Illness, injury, surgey are all reasons one may be given a prescription for a narcotic, it may be a one time prescription or it could be months or even years. When the prescription is no longer provided, it is then people find themselves in serious trouble, as they start to detox and again not know it. One thing does become very real, and that is the need for more.

        I am in no way putting any blame on doctors, it is the narcotics that have become more than a problem, an epedemic, and the citizens of Connecticut are in desperate need of help, help is getting harder to find.

        IF YOU SUFFER FROM THE DISEASE OF OPIATE ADDICTION, please write your story as it will bring the much needed awarenss, telling your individual story WiLL help. Your full name is not needed and your story will only be shared with people ctsuboxone has turned to for help.

        Please help others with your story, you may email it to if you would like to have YOUR STORY published on then please make that known when you submit your story.


  68. Adam says:

    Hello my name is Adam, right now it is 1:53am on fri jan 25th & I have known Courtney , the amazing one person show that runs this whole site & does EVERYTHING she can to help us all for about 48 hours & 23 min. This past Tuesday I was in that scary dark place that all of us who have lingered in opiat HELL know all to well. It might sound like a stupid cliche to those who haven’t been there,BUT SICK & TIRED OF BEING SICK & TIRED. AT the BOTTOM,not sure if I had it in me to climb out once again. At 1:30 in the afternoon on tues I called 211 in my desperate search for what I knew in my heart & soal was the one real way for my mind to-
    “FEEL THE FEELING I FORGOT”…the feeling we all felt before opiates……….
    SUBOXONE!!! . Seeing as this was prolbably my tenth call & last hope of the day. I wasn’t expecting much,but what I got threw the 211 referral to was a person who got back to me by txt at 1:30 am asking if I was still up & how she could help. We all know I was up!!:) so I called her immediately,& the help & compassion I got from this amazing stranger (Courtney) is hard to put into words. Not only did she get me into a doctor & on SUBOXONE by5:00 Wednesday ( 15& a 1/2 hrs after we spoke) but She was also there to support me in this in a way I’ve only felt from loved ones who were heartbroken by what opiates did to US!! & the truth is most of the people who want to help us ,if we are fortunate enough to have them have no idea how to due to rehab for profit false education On how to help us & things like that. I battled myself for a long time about not wanting to take any drug anymore. But the truth is opiates destroy certain functions of the brain SUBOXONE returns these functions back to the normal we haven’t known for so long. Rapidly! I was against it for a while but if anybody out there has any other ways to restore these brain functions and turn us back into productive members of a loving, evolving, society please alert us and the scientific community ASAP! Because that’s what SUBOXONE and This gift of a human being Courtney have done for me. That’s the best way I can explain something that in so many ways I’m still speechless about. If you’re out there lost from this sickness and TRULY WANT TO COME BACK I know Courtney will do whatever she is able to do to help us. Please also understand that the amount of people the state is sending to one person for help would blow you’re mind so you need to be patient as hard as that is most of all YOU HAVE TO TRULY WANT IT AND BE READY BECAUSE NOTHING THAT’S WORTH IT IS EASY!!!!
    Forever grateful , Adam

  69. Ashley says:

    Hello I just called the 211 info line and they had referred me to you, Courtney (: I need to fix my life and I need to begin now. I called and left a message so I trust to hear from you soon. They also provided me this website so here I am checking it out and reading up on it, it seems like this is the best place to be. I need a new life and a better one then the one I have 🙁 Thank you for taking a few mins of your time reading this.

    • Court says:


      Please try and contact me today 1/23/13 also please know that I do whatever I can for people in need of a provider.

      You can call or text me at 860-966-3964

      Best wishes,

  70. cory says:

    i would just like to give thanks to courtney for everything she has done for me and everyone else. if it werent for her i would not be where i am today… clean and sober. thank you you have givin me my life back.

    • Court says:


      Thank you so very much for helping ctsuboxone, what is most important is that you get the help you need, and you have. With the thousands of people I have had contact with, people seeking help finding a provider, you have always been there to assist in anyway. Many have the intention to help, but you have kept your word. You have continued to seek the treatment for yourself.

      I look forward to getting together and working on the documentary, you are a very special person who is genuine. and I am hopeful you continue to have the want to help others.

      Thank you for the want to bring the much needed change, as it may not be easy, I am confident it will be worth it.

      Wishing you all the best, to not only you but your family that has been there for you. You are truly blessed.


  71. ryan b says:

    If your finally sick and tired of being sick and tired then do yourself the favor and contact Courtney….don’t get discouraged when she doesn’t immediately respond…be patient and keep contacting her, once she gets back to you help has arrived. I spoke with Courtney Thursday night into Friday morning, and with her referal at 10 am Friday morning I was with a doctor getting my script….
    She’s the only one handling phone calls so be patient but she is sure to help….

    • Court says:


      You have so much going for you, and now you have a fresh start! You are one of the very fortunate people that I was able to assist so quickly. Please know that everyone’s situation is different so the outcome is different as well.

      Wishing you well on your new journey, stay strong and you can call if ever you need a friend or someone to talk to.


  72. broc says:

    I hope the right people are reading this, i.e. CT. Government/health care… The need for more doctors with the capability to prescribe suboxone is VERY MUCH NEEDED ! There are people all over, and right here in Connecticut suffering from this disease that genuinely want the help, and the task/horror of finding a doctor/clinic that accepts their type of insurance, and providers who can prescribe Suboxone is daunting at best.

    I don’t think you really understand, you the people with the power and ability to help how much Suboxone helps the people that are honestly trying to get their lives back, just read these pages. The horrible habit of opiate addiction that continues to take innocent lives, you do not wake up and ask for this addiction. It happens with a blink of an eye, a simple dentist procedure and next thing you know you are addicted.

    Something NEEDS to be done with the lack of doctors, and the way doctors are limited to serve the addicted community… I know there are many out there that abuse the system and make it hard for TRUE participants who are trying to better their lives, spoil it for the ones with the genuine desire to quit..Reform and means of distributing the MUCH NEEDED medication must be looked at,and solutions must be made.. SUBOXONE SAVED MY LIFE!!! and can help others. The demand for Suboxone is high and finding a doctor that excepts their type of insurance , and the limited number of Suboxone prescribing doctors is making it hard for the already suffering addict. so hard in fact, its easier for that “junkie” to just keep buying narcotics off the street, in which fills the already over crowded dealers pockets. Please help..this is a wonderful state and I am very proud to be a CT resident..i am confident we can work this out for our people… please lets make something happen, a chance is something everyone deserves this site and how blessed I was to speak with Courtney. She helps so many so I am willing to put in any effort to help in any way possible…

    Thank you, God bless

  73. broc says:

    hey Court. just popping in to say thank you again and things are going well. my doc is pretty cool and understanding, the rest of the staff kinda blows, but I am very thankful for you and your efforts and want you to know you are appreciated..if you need anything help with ANYTHING ANYTIME, please let me know…. best regards , Broc O Lee .. ; )

    • Court says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to one, come back to visit the site as well as give support to others in their fight.

      I am proud of you and the changes you are making in the right direction, keep on the right path surround yourself with positive people, and know that everyday has it’s challenges but they are worth over coming.

      Wishing you the best in your recovery, always know you can call as everyone can. Knowing that there is one number you can always call for support.

      Thank you again, and please keep in touch!!


  74. Jude says:

    We have been at this all summer ( we being myself and my son in need of a suboxone provider in Connecticut). Trying to find a Doctor or a clinic who is willing to help, or at the very least not be rude. Having state insurance makes it harder to find the proper help, limited doctors take it the ones that do are FULL. After calling 20 or 30 doctors I finally found one who said that they accepted state insurance, but my son would have to have to test positive for opiates. I was so relieved because he had done a couple detoxes and always went back to using. (What I didn’t know at that point, but I do now as does my son who was given Methadone AND IT DOESN’T HELP, IT IS WORSE.) So the next day we went to the place that would take him in,an impatient program. To ensure he got in we had to purchase opiates so he would be “dirty” to GET HELP you have to have used!!! We then we called the clinic, NO ANSWER we called for the entire day with NO ANSWER. By the next morning he was going into withdrawals. I continued to call and finally someone answered. “Oh you have to make and appointment.. How is the 28th?” It was the 2nd, 26 DAYS FROM NOW and he is going to suffer, or worse be dead by then…. I was beside myself, giving up hope to find the help my son not only needed but WANTED, worrying about what is going to happen to him if I am going to get that call that NO parent deserves. I thought we were finally getting help. Well those 26 days came and went and by the time 28th rolled around he was so far gone that he could have cared less. How many times can someone get the rug pulled out from under them. “Neither of us are going to survive this” I kept thinking like a broken record..round and round and round! This disease has the power to drive even the most staunch supporter(s) INSANE !!! I kept calling everywhere and anywhere searching for help. Hundreds of calls and the same thing, “we are full”,”we don’t accept state insurance”. With this disease growing, why is it such a struggle? Why is it that people who suffer from this disease seemed to be tossed to the wayside?

    Someone finally suggested 211 info hotline, with little hope left I did call, and I got the name of Courtney at CT Suboxone. I remember thinking “yeah right!…another name, of another place… who could care less about me or my son.” But I called anyway thinking “this could be the one, all the while thinking “I DOUBT IT”. Courtney answered on my first call and we talked at least an hour and a half. She also talked on my level and let me talk and vent about my frustrations with the system, with the disease etc. She talked to me like she had always known me and my son. (She’s good that way…she doesn’t judge anyone, and has the rare ability to make you feel like you are important like your problems are her problems. ) While it was good to talk..I still kept thinking shes nice and all but “what is she gonna be able to do for me?”
    Well…. what she did for me was, within a few days to get my son into a Dr. who took State Insurance! Thank you Courtney, I’ve only know you for a couple weeks and you will FOREVER be my friend. Anything that you need just ask!!!! What you are doing for people in need is unbelievable!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Courtney doesn’t get paid, she spends her days and nights on the phone helping people!!! And she is VERY young not some old ditty who is bored and needs this to fill her days!!!! She does it because she cares!!! And all those people (above comments) who call her an Angel do so because, to all of us that is exactly what she is. She saved my sons life..and mine!! Courtney your are my and Cory’s Angel FOREVER!!!! I love you!!! And… If any body wants my email address or telephone number, just contact her here (as I know she reads these comments daily) and she will give it to you. I will talk to you, to let you know she is real, and SHE WILL DO EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO HELP!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

    • Court says:

      Jude & Cory,

      First I want to say that Cory, you are so very blessed to have a mother that has stayed by your side. Through the years that this disease has taken over, she has been there doing all that she can for you. Endless days and nights filled with worry, worry of what would happen to you, the fear of the call that no parent wants to ever get.

      She continued to stay by your side, watching you change into someone you are not. Many treatment centers, detox etc. she has been there. You have the genuine want to change your life as well as to accept treatment. Speaking with your mother I can hear her pain, and her want for you to get the help you need. Speaking with you, and your want for help! You now have a suboxone provider, and I am not only happy I feel that you are in your right mind to get on the right track.

      I have told you many times ” you never have to be alone, and if ever you need someone to talk to you can always call me”. You are very smart, and have so much to offer you also have the want to help in anyway to bring fourth change to others who have struggled to find a provider in the state of Connecticut. Thank you for your will and want, but what is MOST important is that you get the help you need but you are more than welcome to help as you have.

      Be thankful for what you have, and although you may not fully see how much your mother has done everything to get you the help you need one day your eyes will be wide open to see how much her support means.

      If only EVERY call I answered I was able to help the person in need, unfortunately I cannot. The lack of resources the growing number of people in desperate need of help, from a Suboxone provider in Connecticut sadly I cannot. No matter how hard I try there are many times I simply cannot find a provider.

      FAITH: Is what I have, that the state of Connecticut will help in someway. For the hundreds, thousands of people that are suffering from the disease of opiate addiction please speak up, tell you story doing so may help more than you know. Bringing fourth awareness of the many in need may be very beneficial with this huge issue.

      If you would like to tell your story, please feel free to contact me at If people would be willing to tell their story the state will be able to see how many need help. You are welcome to do a brief video of your story, that will be shared with our legislators, and representatives of this state.

      Wishing all the strength to continue in this fight, as I am hopeful change will come. YOU DO MATTER, and so don’t your story’s.

  75. broc says:

    Well today has been a very good day! Thanks to Courtney’s help from ctsuboxone, I now have a doctor appointment tomorrow. This whole process can be next to impossible which is why we have people like Courtney and should have more of her, or at least help her for all the time she gives at no cost and for free.

    I feel problem is there’s simply not enough Suboxone doctors in Connecticut to meet the demand of the many that are in need of help. I think it’s time to stand up and be heard tell your story of the struggle’s you have faced or are facing, for the state to know the difficulties. FAR TO MANY ARE FACING! This is an issue that needs to be recognized, so many people are dying and can no longer be ignored everyone has a right to live, don’t give up the fight .

    Courtney you are amazing and doing great things.. I look forward to working with you on getting the help that so many the doctor’s, to the state of Connecticut PLEASE help the citizens of Connecticut..

    • Court says:


      I am so happy you are where you wanted so badly to be, as you know how difficult it is to seek the help you are so very fortunate. With all of the words you spoke you are correct, and I welcome the help you have to offer by bringing awareness to this problem. What is MOST important, ( and I say this to everyone) getting yourself on solid ground is first and foremost.

      Having others tell their story will help, and if anyone would like to tell their story or share how difficult it is to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut feel free to contact me at

      Wishing you a safe and happy holiday Broc!

  76. Mourning says:

    I’M TIRED!!!!! I called a clinic after clinic, doctor after doctor here in Connecticut in a desperate search for one that takes State insurance. I’m desperate, seeking help needing help an answer something. I have left countless messages, and months trying! I have stopped tying, who cares that is the clear message being sent, I AM A NOBODY how much louder can let me know that I am a nobody? You don’t need to tell me, I already know it. You simply make it more real the phone that doesn’t ring is a perfect indicator. You have the power to help me, but i already know that nobody’s don’t rate! Nobody’s are last on everybody’s list. Everyone knows that! And why do I deserve your help anyway, I did this to myself, right? So why do I deserve the medication that would allow me get get my life back? So you let me know in no uncertain terms that YOU have the “right” to play GOD. To tell me that in your superiority you get to choose who, when and how one becomes the recipient of your superlative power. Kudos to you! Look to your left, look to your right, look in the mirror and NEVER, EVER say that this can’t happen to you. Because it CAN!! I am educated, I am a business owner, and I am not the addict. I am just a person who LOVES an addict, who suffers from this disease that is taking lives. I never thought it could happen to me. But it did, and as a parent the nightmare I have lived and the one I continue, the wonder whenever the door closes. So for all of you that have it in your hands to effect change, realize that my addict this disease could become your addict with the disease. Your Parent, Your Brother, your Son, your yet unborn Grandchild. Your inner circle, or your outer one or perhaps someone who may cross their path- with ill intention in mind. Don’t be fooled, this has the potential to touch you. Millions seek help and few are there to offer it. Why? Why are you letting them die when you could help! Why? It would take so little effort and offer so much in return. Neither that shiny black Beamer, nor that billion dollar home, nor any of your your cookie cutter cronies are not going to love you till the day they die, but your rehabilitated addict that will always have the disease of addiction, will forever be indebted to and loyal to you and your cause! So stand up all of the professionals, the ones who can save lives stop counting the money and try counting the lives you could save. Even if every doctor in this state would take FOUR people at NO fee that would save lives of many. I wonder, does any of the doctors contact Has anyone ever called to thank Courtney that everyone is so thankful for? I sure am, and I sure do. But is even THAT to much? A woman who dedicates her life to others for NOTHING, you will never be remembered for how much money you had, instead how many lives you touched. Courtney you will always be remembered, and I will always stay in contact for the kindness that you give to so many is worth more than you will ever know.

  77. Cory says:

    I lye in bed tossing and turning. My legs kicking. It takes all my strength just to make it to the bathroom. I am on my hands and knees staring into my reflection. Just as i begin to ask myself who I am, how did it get to this point my eyes tear up i feel it coming. what little nutrients, if any purge themselves from my insides violently replacing the brief glimpse of who i have become. I seem to see myself looking back at me from the inside of that toilet bowl more and more these days. I certainly know that the glossy eyed half dead yet completely content being i see in the mirror after i pull that neetle out of my arm is not who i once was. I would like to say he is a stranger, but a stranger can only be a stranger for so long. these days he and i, for the most part have become one in the same. I fear that one day he and I will truly become one. I fear that that that boy I once was will become the stranger. I have made a dozen calls doctor after doctor, clinics, hospitals, case workers. This has been going on for months now. This routine has become just that… a routine. a seemingly hopeless one at that. I hold my head in my hands, it is nearly impossible to focus on any thought other than an end to this agony, one way or another. I grab my car keys and head for the door. My mother stops me.. she knows where I’m going. “Just one more call!”. She knows as well as I that it would take nothing short of a miracle for that to be the one. I know what she’s thinking. Every time i walk out that door she has that same look. “Is this the last time I see him alive?” I would give anything for this all to be over. This scenario is playing out in countless homes across CT and America every day. And beautiful lives are being lost each day. This state, and country are in desperate need of help. It is time to address this issue. It is not my place to pass blame but for those of you who choose to look the other way the blood of those innocent lives, many of whome are still kids, still in high school or college is on your hands. Something as small as telling your story makes a difference. So weather its leaving a comment on this sight or contacting your local representative you CAN make a difference. YOU CAN SAVE LIVES Remember the squeaky wheel gets oiled. Together we can make a difference!

    • Court says:


      As the sun rises another day begins
      hope is in the air a struggle you must win
      you are much to strong to strong to give in
      you know what is right not within the sleepless night
      know that you are alone no more
      the pain you feel for the help you cry for is closer, it’s real
      so many suffer so many beg the cries and tears
      endless circles must end eyes must open help needs notice
      standing strong, no not alone all voices and yells for help are not going unread
      try as you may pray with the rest I wish for all peace
      from the hell you have lived release the pain
      to save others lives for so many have been lost
      replace it with faith many prayers have been said
      here is the rope hold it tight my friend
      although it is tough this battle… the battle to get in
      life is precious people can be cruel this disease many face
      the closing of doors, strong will and care for all
      are my hopes and dreams to bring peace to all
      I will not give up as I ask everyone to stand with me
      stand tall lets open new doors renew others faith
      together we will stand and a strong circle we will make
      the people at the top have decisions to make
      lets do what we must educate and delegate for the ones who don’t know
      together we can do this, it’s not easy but I promise all are worth it

  78. Jude says:

    I am not an addict, I am the parent of an addict. After the discovery of my sons addiction, I went through the typical “mourning” emotions of disbelief, numbness, sadness, and then anger. When the anger hit, boy did it hit!! It spewed out at every turn. I was angry that he “chose’ this road, and angry that he continued on it. I was angry that he refused to see a doctor to get help for it. And angry when he lied and told me he wasn’t high, and i was angry when he told the truth and admitted that he was. I was even angry that when he overdosed that he didn’t know enough to use the drug “right”. I was angry on so many levels and about so many things that I really couldn’t think or act strait. Anger and grief causes one to do crazy things especially when you do not understand, understand this disease. I yelled at him, criticized him, gave him dirty looks and every chance I had, pretty much let him know how completely disappointed in him that I was. What do I do, what I was doing didn’t help, I did not understand the anger was blinding, giving up was not an option.

    I don’t exactly know how and when I discovered that just talking to him and trying to understand the illness, the disease through his eyes, made more sense. That when I talked to him in a non judgmental way that it gave him peace and the hope that change was possible. I am his parent, I am the one who is supposed to be the cheerleader, holding my hands out and telling him to take the steps, and that I wouldn’t let him fall. How could I NOT have known this, How could I have believed that shaming him would work? That criticizing him would not have a positive effect, that hurting him with words would inspire him to want to change! But somehow little by little we began…or rather “I” began to talk! And we began to heal. We, yes “WE” are now on the road to recovery. Once i realized that we were on the same team i made the effort to run in the same direction as him,to work WITH him and not against him. And to cheer him on even in the smallest accomplishments, no matter how minute. It has been slow going and were not over the finish line yet, we have a long way to go. He now knows he is not alone, the road has been long and it will take time. That change in ME, the change in how I chose to handle this disease working with him to get better, has made all the difference in the world…. to him!

    • Court says:


      The day you called ctsuboxone to find help for your son remains fresh in my mind. Speaking with you and your son and helping to find a doctor that has an opening to treat your son, having state insurance is hurting so many because there is not enough doctors that accept it. So many face this, day in and day out someones tomorrow is based off of money. Suboxone a medication that has helped so many, that so many that suffer from the disease of opiate addiction CANNOT find a provider. The many calls I make on a daily basis to Suboxone providers in Connecticut, and the same response “we are full”. I will continue to do all that I can to help all that I can, the channels I am going through to find some sort of solution to this epidemic.

      Your son is so very lucky to have you by his side, many have no one. I will continue to do what I can to try and find the help he so badly wants. He is so young and has so much life to live, he wants so much to be on the road to recovery. I will be here for him, for anyone I can for one to know that they are not alone and can always call someone, because sometimes knowing that you are not alone makes a huge difference.

      Wishing you and your well, and strength to continue. For your son to see how blessed he is to have your love and support.

  79. Bella says:

    I just got off the phone with Courtney, A GODSEND. She was extremely helpful to me in answering questions and getting me the help I need. I have been in a Suboxone therapy group for 3 years and was displaced to Florida because of hurricane Sandy and had to come back to Connecticut because I couldn’t find a Suboxone doctor down there and was scared to get off the medication that was saving my life and has kept me clean and sober for the past 3 years, after a 10 year drug addiction. Suboxone is the medication that has helped me stay clean. I came back to Connecticut and tried to get back into my suboxone group only to find that they had given away my spot to another person and told me I would have better luck with a self pay suboxone doctor. After calling numerous places only to find that there were only a few doctors that prescribe suboxone in Connecticut to begin with and then to try and find one that takes Ct state insurance(medicaid) was nearly impossible. I wanted to thank Courtney for all her help and for trying to find more resources for people struggling like myself, that want to stay on the medication Suboxone that has saved my life and so many others. Suboxone has saved my life and I am so thankful there are people like Courtney out there that are willing to help and not looking for money to do it, she does it because she cares and because there is a need for more doctors in Connecticut to prescribe suboxone and suboxone therapy. The state Connecticut needs to wake up, get more suboxone doctors to help the people in the state who are addicted to heroin or prescription pain killers. Pain killers is where it all starts they get to expensive and less available so the next best thing is heroin you start sniffing it then it goes right in your arm and your life down the drain.

  80. Nik says:

    I’m not sure where to begin exactly. There are so many, too many, people like myself out there today, heroin – an addict to opiates- one year ago, I hit my dead end, I thought each morning- all day – all night- how can I keep living like this; I just can’t do this any longer. I can’t allow a drug to literally consume my every moment in life. That is exactly what Percocet did, no matter what I was doing that day – home – work – family events- funerals ( ya I said it) work conferences – it was ALL I could think of- all I could do – ” when can I sneak off next to get my fix because this high just isn’t good enough”. I came to a point that actually really no high was good, I hated it, but I needed it, if I didn’t then I was sick and could not move, that fear every addict knows – I didn’t want it – I felt physically and emotionally like crap, but the other option- withdrawing- well that wasn’t even an option anymore. It would be my third time quiting with nothing, but this time I had really done it, gone to far to look back. I have a family whom is loving supportive and relies on me way too much to come clean and tell them the truth- I needed rehab to get clean, because I couldn’t do it on my own this time. Never mind the fact they have my brother who is also an addict of opiates who one year earlier did go to rehab and currently to this day struggles to be clean. I was hopeless hurting and slowly becoming a person I never – NEVER- thought “I” could be, would be-was- I became the person I cried day after day for my brother ( my best-friend) not be – how- because picking up the drug I did – it is more addicting and life devastating than any person could dream the first time they did – and guess what – no you can not turn back time – you can not wake up tomorrow and have it be like before – you can only wake up today and call this number on this website and find YOUR peace. The only thing you can do is start to do the right thing for yourself – get help- from someone who can help.
    One year ago I called this number and not only have been with taking suboxone since – but my whole life has changed all because on the “one” person who manages this entire website – she will be a forever long blessing friend and inspiration to me. Within one week I was sitting in a doctors office getting help I didn’t know existed – and to this day – I have MY life back. So please don’t wait until tomorrow or later today if you feel the least bit the same – just do what you know you need to do eventually- you will be nothing but thankful you did – live again – because you can – we all can –

    • Court says:

      There are times when I read comments and I feel my eyes fill with tears, and this was one of them… knowing that I was able to assist someone to get on the right track doing so not for any dollar amount simply because I care deeply about this disease. Assisting someone that suffers from the disease of addiction is something I will continue to do, suboxone has saved so many lives, with many prayers the hopes, the dreams that others will have the ability to seek the treatment, treatment that will give the lives of the many lost back.

      As I ask and beg the people within the state of Connecticut that have the ability to help bring fourth change with this MAJOR issue, I remain hopeful that change will come, that the many bound by chains and limited suboxone providers help change this situation. Everyone is worth it life is far to short the disease of addiction is taking the lives of many, with no discrimination age, gender, creed, job it continues to take lives asking for help is an understatement. With so many calls of desperation seeking help, but yet it is so very limited to where people can be provided the treatment that truly needs to change, we need more doctors, people need help. I can only hope that someday change will come, in doing so it will do so much such as keep families together, lower the cost of the money the state spends on incarceration. Also many people that suffer from this disease go into a treatment center some that are 30 – 45 days, VERY costly for the state. It has been said that one who goes into treatment, it takes 11 times to “possibly” get clean. That is a lot of money that the state could save, by implementing a program for people that suffer from opiate addiction. As I will work with the state and do all I can to bring fourth change, as I cannot make any promises change will come I can promise I will do all I can.

      Thank you for all the kind words, I am so very happy that you have your life back! As I am also thankful to have met a wonderful woman who is eager to help bring change as well.

      Wishing you all the best,

  81. Amie says:

    One Sunday 12 weeks ago I called this number scared, sick, and very very nervous. I had become addicted to opiates due to a severe car accident. My doctor retired and “lost” my chart so when I was out of medication was the scariest feeling i have ever experienced. I was referred to a suboxone program at Yale new haven hospital… A place where judgement is not found. I am a single mother of 2 kids and never meant to become addicted… And thanks to ct I am now 12 weeks clean and feeling great! I forgot how to live without opiates I thought I would never survive without em…. It’s like I see things in color again when I been seeing in black and white for so so long! Thank you ct suboxone!!! You truly saved my life…. There was not a single person anywhere I looked before u that would even try an help or let me know where I can turn!! Go bless and thank you so very much!

    • Court says:

      Ami ~

      First I want to tell you I am so happy for you! You are on the correct road, the road you wanted to be on. Seeing life again as if for the first time is amazing I am sure, you are strong and I wish for you to continue. Please know that you may contact me anytime, just to update me or to talk. Suboxone has saved many lives, I will continue to do all that I can to help more people feel the way you and others do.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it means so very much.

      Please know you never have to be alone, I am a phone call away.
      Wishing you the VERY best, you as well as many others are in my prayers.
      Courtney : )

    • broc says:

      to Karen. i know its hard but there are doc’s out there that take husky D /medicaid.. just keep looking and work with Courtney …shes amazing at what she does and truly cares..just keep at it.. you might have to go a little out of your way to find a doc, but they’re out there…good and believe i know how this horrible disease is.. subox saved my life..

      • Court says:


  82. Karen says:

    Our son has suffered from drug addiction for over a decade. We have always tried to be a support system for him. It has been a very difficult time as he has been in and out of rehab, sober homes, prison twice….been in recovery, relapsed…working, not working, etc. His life revolves around his addiction and so of course does ours. Throughout the years, his best days have been those that he has been able to be on suboxone. He’s been able to function and hold down a job. However, it’s always been a struggle to find a Dr. that would accept him. His first Dr. required he attend meetings at 5 PM. This is good, however interfered with his work schedule so the Dr. dropped him. Now he is on State insurance and it has been very difficult for him to find a Dr. His latest suboxone Dr. was the infamous one in East Hartford that has been on the news recently. Not good. He’s struggled the past several months with relapse, trying to find suboxone on the streets, not being able to so turning to heroin just to get through the day. Our hearts break everyday because we feel helpless and worry that he will end up dead or back in jail. We try not to be enablers and have tried to get him to work harder at finding help for himself, but in his fragile state, it is all he can do to get through the days without being sick. He has made so many calls and been told that there is a waiting list that he basically gave up and turned to the streets for suboxone. So, finally I intervened (as we always end up doing such as finding decent rehabs, sober homes, etc.). I search the internet and came accross I called and Courtney answered. She stayed on the phone with me for a 1/2 hour. (Courtney, you are my Christmas Angel this year)! I spoke to her about my son’s situation and urgent need for help and she was able to come up with two Doctors that may be able to see my son. I only called one who agreed to see us that afternoon. His office was an hour away but more than worth the trip. He was the most caring Dr. I’ve met in a long time. He took the time to talk and explain and answer any questions my son may have. Within hours of reaching Courtney, my son had a two week suboxone prescription with a follow up scheduled in two weeks, and then monthly appointments and prescriptions for the future. He was so grateful on the way home (He was very sick with withdrawal on the way there). He was so relieved that he would not have to worry daily where he would get his medication. Courtney I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are. All of these years, you are the very first person who has taken the time to care and help. (He has had some wonderful counselor’s in rehab. but as rehabs are so expensive he could never stay more than 2 or 3 weeks which is not enough time to recover). I feel so fortunate that I came across your site and called you. THANK YOU!! And to top the day off you took more time at the end of the day when I called you to let you know how well things worked out. Courtney you are so special helping people the way you do, THANK YOU for giving my son hope as he never wanted his life to turn out like this – addiction is an awful disease and there is not enough being done to help.

    • Court says:

      Dear Karen,
      First thank you for taking the time to leave a very heart felt comment. It is so sad that people that suffer from this disease have so many ups and downs such as your son has, it is an ongoing issue across the state of Connecticut and the U.S. Helping people is something I am very passionate about, frustration with the limitations due to clinics being full and the number of people who are desperate to get into a suboxone provider. We NEED more doctors in the state, I have heard that doctors don’t want to “deal with this population.” If only more doctors would see the person not the disease, to know that doctors that are providing the much needed care are saving lives. For parents such as yourself to not have to worry about that dreaded phone call.

      It is not easy to watch a loved one struggle with this, or any disease. Hope is what I have… hope that maybe more doctors will become certified. That the state of Connecticut will help by possibly offering an incentive for doctors that more doctors will see the major need for their help as this disease is spreading like wildfire, and the people affected are getting younger.

      My heart truly breaks for the countless people who are just trying to get help with the rapid growth of opiate addiction. Too often people that are suffering are judged, called “junkies”, the many complaints about how they are treated, the “they” are human beings yet they are placed in a category truth is we all bleed the same color and we all hurt.

      You are an excellent mother and I am hopeful that you can rest a little easier knowing that your son is in excellent hands, and on the road to a sober life.

      Please feel free to contact me anytime, let me know how things are going but please be sure to take care of yourself in the process!!!

      Warm wishes, and always a phone call away.

  83. Carter says:

    I just have to say THANK YOU COURT!!! God will bless you in so many ways for ALL the work you do ALONE i am sooo greatful to have come across this website it was God sent because I was giving up on searching for help and giving in to my addiction. FOR MONTHS I have been turn away look down upon by MEDICAL STAFF (DOCTORS/NURSES/RECEPTION) family friends etc and all i want desperately is a little help nothing more then that as a human being and to not be treated like one by others is a pain i wouldnt wish upon my worse enemy. I have been an addict for years not by choice but when i finally decided to get clean funny how the same people that gave me my addiction pills DOCTORS are the same people that are judging and actually refusing to help me. i have been to the urgent care was then sent to the ER which told me they are not certified to help me thats weird i thought when you become a DOCTOR you couldnt refuse to HELP a desperate patient but they charge me a nice chunk to tell me I CANT HELP YOU but you know what i found this website!!!! the best thing i did was stalk COURT to find help i needed so bad. God is good He always puts in your path at the time of need the most remember i have been trying for months well i found COURT and being the angel she is she had a moment to call me heard my story and wanted to help immediately. She was able with her contacts not only find me a doctor but also got me an appointment!!!!! I believe i also found a friend in court FOR THE PEOPLE WHO STUMBLE UPON THIS WEBSITE PLEASE DONT GIVE UP THIS IS YOUR KEY TO GETTING BETTER COURT WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT ITS A PROMISE JUST BE PATIENT SHE ALWAYS WILL i know as an addict an hour seems like days but help is on its way just have faith in God and He will deliver but on HIS time but trust in HIM and it will come to pass ——COURT i could never thank you enough but my promise to you is i will promise to show you my gratitude YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!

  84. Rachel says:

    I have been doing pain killers for years, beating up my body with the what I put in it the things that I have done to get drugs things I would have never done if I was not using. For years I was in denial about my addiction, but I became honest with myself and admitted to myself that I am an addict. The trouble came when I truly wanted help, it was the same thing over and over. Doctor’s that I called, the dozens of doctors I have called and it was the same thing ” we aren’t taken new people” I have state insurance and it feels like I am lower on the pole because of it. I am an addict, it is not contagious but I am treated like it is. Why, why am I treated like this, why do I have to call so many doctors? Why can’t I just get help for my disease?
    I called this number and I am so thankful I did, Courtney from ctsuboxone was so helpful, although it took a few days for her to contact me back, she did. She helped me with contacting doctors that could help me and it happened, I now have a doctor, Dr. Shahab and she has been wonderful, I am on suboxone!!!! So I want to thank you Courtney for your help, and for this site. I hope that more people find the help that I did. It was nice to have someone so kind, it was not something I was not used to. The time she spent the care she showed. Thank you so so so so much for all of your time and how helpful you are. I do not have the words I just cannot express my feelings, thank you doesn’t seem like enough. Without this site, without you I do not know where I would be. Thank you

  85. Sue says:

    I am still currently looking for a suboxone doctor in Ct. I spoke with Courtney once an she is an amazing person, willing to help…but I don’t know what to do now.. I’m struggling more an more every day. It is crazy how hard it is to get help in Connecticut to get on Suboxone, this state will shove methadone on you no problem but no suboxone the medication that really helps it is so hard to find, I am not willing to go on Connecticut’s legal heroin Methadone but I’m stuck an on the verge of relapse… suggestions PLEASE…. HELP…. Sue

    • Court says:


      Please contact me again, I can call some more places I will continue to help, and not just you anyone. I know it is difficult I truly do, and for everyone struggling to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut ( sadly the U.S ) with strong will and faith I am reaching out for help for all. The medication so many want to be prescribed, Suboxone it is like finding a needle in a hay stack. If there were more providers available to the people who suffer from this disease, the lives of many could be saved and hope for a better tomorrow would be more than just a “hope”.

      As there have been many people I was able to find help for, there are that many more that I was unable to. Seeking help should not be so hard, suboxone providers are allowing people to have their life back. Yes it take strong will and hard work, but with the countless number of people I have talked to the will to do whatever it takes MANY have. was developed to help people in Connecticut, and for months it was not hard to find suboxone providers that were taking new patients, or medicaid & medicare. Then several things happened, clean slate in Bloomfield was closed and there were hundreds of people being treated there, and state insurance was accepted. Then it was another office closing, and then another etc. Helping someone find a suboxone provider, unfortunately I cannot help everyone because every situation is different. Each person I have spoken to the people I have helped and ones I haven’t, My words are always the same “save my number, I will be here if ever you need someone to just speak to”. My words are genuine and my wish is to help more, one day that may be true. With help from others change is possible, as anything in life is.

      Warm wishes ~

      People can help! By simply leaving comments of the struggle, the endless phone calls and the response of ” WE ARE FULL” or ” WE DON’T TAKE STATE INS” etc. So please take the time, although it is VERY difficult, sharing your experience with how hard it is to find a Suboxone provider, IT JUST MAY HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  86. stacey says:

    hey courtney, I registered n now cant figure out how to do stuff. what is wordpress?

  87. stacey says:

    just wanted to say that ive been stuggling with my addictoin for a very long time now. ive done the methadone clinic, ive done detox programs, and I have been searching and searching for a dr so I can be on the suboxone program. they all either wouldnt take my ins, or not taking new pateints or just never called me back. ive gotten suboxone off the street and I loved it. no cravings, felt great, had my energy back had my life back. but as we all know you cant take someone elses meds. so once your sub conecct isnt available anymore, im forced to use again. and as ive said, ive been searching for a month,with no luck. on accident I stubbled upon ctsuboxone online. I spoke with courtney the first time I called..immediatly I felt a great connectoin with her. she took time out her own life to help me, a total stranger. she truely cared about my painfull situatoin. I liked talking with her right off the bat. she was very careing. ,and seemed to really want to help me. never not once did she make me feel uncomfortable or like a junkie looser like half the drs I spoke with. she kept in touch with me for a week an a half after thar first call. and today I am so happy to say she found me a dr and my apt is in less then a week. I probably wouldnt have found a dr and kept useing for who knows how long. addictoin is hard. very hard,and sometimes you just wanna give up. but courtney did NOT give up on me and worked untill she found me the help I needed. she is awsome. she has a life of her own, yet spends most of her time trying to help other people. I love her for that. I must say she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. and doesnt get paid, or get anything for the help she does for us. she is an exceptoinal person. thank you, courtney for all youve done for me. you may have saved my life……………………….stacey

  88. Sara says:

    Hi Courtney,
    my email doesn’t work and I mainly use facebook but I was hoping there was some progress on finding a md. I don’t have access to a phone at the moment but you can always call and leave a message at the # I gave you yesterday.
    Thank you so much. This is such a frustrating endeavor and I couldn’t do it without your help. Thank you!

    • Court says:

      YES I think I have a provider that is accepting patients, can you please call me when you get this, unfortunately I cannot find the number you gave me. I am hopeful you are doing as well as can be expected. You may call me at anytime, I am hopeful that the calls I have made get you on the path you so badly want to be on.

      Sara please contact me as soon as you are available.

      Warm wishes,

  89. Court says:

    I care very much, understand I am only one person and I am reaching out to whomever I can doctors, agency’s I do this because I care. I do not get paid for the time and effort I put into this. I am very passionate about getting/finding help for the many people in the state of Connecticut, sadly there seems to be an issue with providers, they are full. State insurance is hard, many are FULL I will not give up I will continue to do all that I can. Please feel free to voice your opinion here for doctors and others to see. I do this because I care, not for any pay check. I use my time my personal cell phone, and I can tell you for sure that it breaks my heart that so many want help, that want to get on Suboxone and I continue to try. As I wll continue to do so.

    Wishing all that are suffering some peace and solace during these times.

  90. Nikki says:

    I spoke with Courtney many months ago and had a one -time (hour+) long conversation that really changed my perspective. I could tell how passionate Courtney was about what she does from the minute she answered. We talked about everything in my life and she wanted to help me with it all. Although the doctor she recommended me to did not work for my situation, spirits were lifted enough to search day in and out until I found the right one for me. I wish I could have heard back the many times I’ve tried to get in touch again, but I realize Courtney is only one person helping all of these people. Thank you for being that voice for me, that life or death decision became a focus on sober life. Call until you get through because even if you can’t go to Dr Zelman …you know you need someone who cares and has been there -done that to make today’s hell …tomorrow’s sunshine. You’re NOT ALONE!

  91. Court says:

    PLEASE continue to call…. I get many calls a day and I am doing the best I can. Sadly there is very little places in Connecticut to turn for Suboxone. Most offices are full but I am trying… Please continue to call you will get me. Yes my mailbox fills up several times a day, I do care and will continue to do so. Far to many are suffering.

  92. Pal says:

    I am looking for a suboxone doctor who is in the ball bark figure of 200 a month first vist an around 150 each follow up if anyone can please help me with any doctors I really would aprreciate it or even one that excepts state… Can someone please help me …..

    • Court says:

      This state is lacking doctors that are able to perscribe Suboxone, clinics that take state ins are full. Please know I am doing my very best… as I try to help everyone I can it is truly sad how many I cannot find a doctor for.

      I will continue to try and to reach out to all that I can, doctors, legislature, DMHAS. I am doing my very best, if you would like to help in anyway please contact me. Also my mailbox fills up daily, but please keep trying, understand I am only one person and I am very passionate about seeking the help for many.

      Wishes All the strength

    • Em says:

      I do not know where you live in CT, but I am currently seeing Dr. Shaw in Norwalk. He also has an office in Fairfield. I do not have insurance. I had been prescribed suboxone by another doctor before so I paid $150 for the first visit and $95 for every visit after that. If this is your first time being prescribed suboxone then I believe it is $200 for the first visit and the follow-ups are the same price. He performs occasional drug tests that you also have to pay for, but they only cost $15-20. He is an internist instead of a psychiatrist like most providers are, so it is more of a typical doctor setting. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Shaw for 3 months, and I am pretty sure he is excepting new patients still. He’s great and truly care.

  93. dave says:

    who is this courtney and how do i get a hold of her???

    • Court says:

      PLEASE, understand I am only one person and I am trying to help so many… please keep calling. or leave me your number. I am sorry the resources are so slim, and it is really devastating to see so many people in need of help and there is no place to send people, especially with state ins.


  94. Gregory says:

    A calm, soothing voice came over the phone as I talk with someone I’ve never met but feel I’ve known for years. She took the time to talk to me about my own personal adventure She has been there and knows what we need to do as a society to help others in the grip of addiction. Her advice and reassurance gave me a comfort and confidence that I have never felt in this dire situation that I find myself in. Thank you Courtney

    • Court says:

      Thank you Greg for taking the time to leave a comment. It is a help for others, and is much appreciated please contact me and let me know how things are going.

      Best wishes,

  95. Jenna says:

    I would have written a comment sooner, but time is very limited running around with a 4 month old baby! I just moved from MA and first thing I looked up was Suboxone Drs in CT. This site popped up instantly and Ill admit I was weary. But I gave in and contacted Courtney, and Im SO grateful I did. Moving is CRAZY stressful enough, with not knowing anyone out here, new job, and normal life with an infant, nevermind worrying about not being lined up with my suboxone, which Ive been on for 3+yrs,2+yrs being sober. Courtney is definately a cool shit, made me feel very comfortable, which is very hard to do cause im SOOOO not a talk-on-the-phone-person, and she not only reassured me Ill be ok finding a caring Dr, but also was willing to talk to my MA dr to explain to her I will be hooked up out here in CT, as well as offered for me to call her whenever I want to talk or having a struggle. She didnt have to do anything, but the fact that she did and does, and runs this site, going beyond the extra mile to help people, nevermind people she dont even know, on her own time, is EXTREMELY rare. I apologize for rambling here, Im not thinking, Im just letting my words flow how I feel here, but if youre weary as I was, please dont be. ABSOLUTE true and upmost respect to you Courtney and your fiance. I will be in touch soon, and again again again again again again again and a-freakin-gain, thank you SOOOOOO much for your beyond HUGE relief! Words cannot describe how appreciative I am! Take care 🙂

    • Court says:


      Thank you very much for your kind words I am glad I was able to assist you, I know it is not easy but as I tell anyone I try to help… I cannot promise I can find a doctor but I will try. You have my number please keep in touch!!!

  96. angela adams says:

    I live in Connecticut have been on Suboxone film for a year now I get 60 Suboxone a month wich has never been enough I need 3 a day I keep running out going through the withdraws but my Suboxone doctor won’t up them to 3 a DAY SO I RUN OUT A WEEK BEFORE I USUALLY GO TO GET MY NEW PRESCRIPTION IT’S AWFUL BEING SICK I HAVE TRIED TO TELL HER I HAVE 6 KIDS AND HAVE TO KEEP GOING WHAT CAN I DO?

  97. Scott says: is original and badly needed for all of us who are struggling to break free of opiate dependency! Thank you Courtney for talking to me and helping me focus on the next couple of weeks. You have given me hope that I can find the right “provider”,soon, who will treat this as a serious disease! Please keep up the great work!

    Yours Truly,

    (talk to you again Soon for follow-up!)

  98. Jessica H. says:


    This site is wonderful and when I called there hotline the girl was so nice and friendly and expressed she would try to help me get back on my suboxone. What happened was I had to get surgery so I had to get off suboxone in order for the pain medication. to work after my operation, My doctor told me it would take me 3 weeks to get off the suboxone so he weened me down and I got off in time for my surgery,he also told me when you want to get back on the suboxone to call me and he will immediately put me right back on it,so I called him today and he said he took me off his list and I have to wait at least 4 weeks to get back on suboxone because there is a waiting list, I was so nervous and upset because he promised me he would help me get right on the suboxone,and now hes telling me another story..I don’t want to spiral out of control and have to head for the streets..So when I called the ct.suboxone hotline the girl calmed me down and said she will work with me,she was so easy to talk to and very friendly and understanding.I would recommend this website and hotline to anyone who is having problems with opiate addiction, the hotline number is (860)966-3964…Very Nice & Confidential…

    • Court says:

      Thank you SO much Jessica, it is SO nuice to see positive comments. I am sorry I cannot help everyone, as every situation is different. I will n ot stop trying, please feel free to leave comments on here so maybe OTHERS will see the despair so MANY are in.

      Warm Wishes,

  99. Victoria says:

    If there is any one out there who reads this site ans truly needs help, DO NOT SEEK YOUR HELP FROM DALE WALLINGTON he is an non passionate person ,who does not really care about his patients. HE IS IN THIS FOR THE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are in need of help listen to Courtney, she is passionate and will help you, She will ask nothing in return but for you to get better!!!!

  100. Victoria says:

    Hey Courtney just wanted to THANK YOU so much for investing so much for taking more of your tome to get me through another rough night. Your dedication to my situation is overwhelming. Thank you again for helping me and being such a good person!!!!!!!!

    • Court says:


      You are very welcome, it is not easy to find a provider as it is not easy to find people that are as thankful for the help that I can give as yourself and others. The simple thank you’s mean so very much, as it shows others that it is ok to ask for help. The comments that are left are not for me… they are for others. It does help people who are afraid to call.

      Thank you for your kind words, help for you is not far. Hang in there as you are a strong woman and a thankful woman.


  101. Victoria says:

    Courtney I read all of the comments and tributes to you and your site. All are true, and it is so uplifting to know that someone understands all the the stories are different but at the same time the same. Not everyone understands addiction. My entire family turned on me and I have dealt with this on my own since I was 14 I am now 46 and finally sober, I have four years under my belt and had a falling out with my doctor who in turn released me from his care I turned to you for help and you not only spoke with me you actually came to meet me. My daughter is a grant writer for federal funding and I am praying we can repay you for all that you so unselfishly do for others to pay it forward. So maybe you can get your grant to keep up all of your work with the sick and healing alive. Not many people would devote so much of their time to help others and expect nothing in return. I do believe the gates of heaven will be wide open for you Ms Courtney. I hope to someday be a part of what you do. Thank you from myself and all the people you help. Most Sincerely.Victoria

    • Court says:


      You have had a long road of fighting this disease, you are a fighter. I appreciate all of your kind words and YOUR want to help, pay it forward. Good will come your way for the person you are, and the passion you have for others as well. As it makes me smile to see others who want to give back because you know all to well how this disease can destroy dreams, lives hope.

      You are a giving person that is so clear to see. May your eyes be open to what is out there for you.
      Thank yopu so much for the time you have given.


  102. Dan says:

    Courtney was very helpful and patient. She gave me a long list of potential Dr’s to contact and she is even making calls on my behalf. She’s a very caring person and I could tell she really wants to help. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the responses I’ve received from other people. Thanks for your time Courtney.


    • Court says:

      You are so very welcome! You are a very kind, well spoken motivated man! As you are eager to find a suboxone doctor so you can get your life back on track, I did make calls for you and come Monday I will make more. Feel free to contact me anytime, although this time is a struggle for you as well as frustrating. Do not give up there is help it is hard to find but it will happen.

      Please let me know Monday how things worked out on your end, and I will let you know the same. This disease takes many lives but as I told you it is up to you. Keep your mind on going in the right direction and you will be ok. Reach out to loved ones, be honest this is not something you should deal with alone. A strong network of people that care about you that will listen to you and assist you if they can. You have a lot of good inside of you don’t ever forget that!!!

      Thank you so very much for taking a few minutes to leave a comment, it helps others. Remember we have forums get involved there is a shortage of doctors in Connecticut, ones that take state insurance. You can speak about whatever you want your struggles what you found has helped what has not etc.

      I will be here for you and help in anyway I can.


  103. hopefull says:

    Courtney at ct.suboxone rock!!!! Dr. Zelmans office is the best!!!! These guys really care so pick up the phone it will save and change your life

  104. hopefull says:

    Courtney from was and is a Godsend. From the first time I dialed the phone, she spent hours talking with me listening I was a mess and scared. She gave me a few numbers to call for doctors that prescribe suboxone, and I used those numbers I have been on suboxone for a few days now and I feel like a new person. I was able to see my daughter graduate, as well as attend two family functions without getting sick! She always takes time throughout her busy day to talk with me, Courtney at are the best!!!!
    I have to say I had a horrible experience with Dr. Benet’s office. On a Monday I made the call and the receptionist Valerie answered she was beyond rude. I tried to ask her about the program and let her know I had insurance, she would not let me speak she was rude and loud it was all about MONEY she refused to even talk to me about the suboxone program until I physically came into the office with $475.00!!!!! I was really upset and could not believe that someone could be so rude, mean and having one care MONEY.

    After what Valerie at Dr. Benets office did I was ready to just say forget it!! I called Courtney back and she said it will be ok relax and referred me to Dr. Zelman. I left him a couple of desperate messages with his answering service (as the office was closed) and he called me right on the dot 9:00 am the next day !!! Dr. Zelman is the best his fee is a lot less than Dr. Benets, $350.00 compared to $475.00 and he took his time with me and listened he actually refilled my other medication I was getting from another doctor, I brought my bottle’s in to show him what I was taking !!! He really cares about people with this addiction!!!! So reach out and don’t give up on suboxone. CHASE YOUR RESOURCES AND DOCTORS LIKE YOU WOULD CHASE YOUR DRUGS !! This is your LIFE and this medication will change your life!

    Thanks Courtney, your one of Gods angels!!!!!!!

  105. Tori says:

    This web site is amazing!!! I have been using dope for years and I was told to contact this site for help. I was afraid because I did not know what to expect, I called the number and I could not believe that one person could help me as much as this woman. Courtney what you do is the most unselfish act one person could do. You do not ask for money, there is no time restriction as she talked to me for THREE hours. I cried I spilled my guts and she listened to me never did she interrupt. She helped me find a doctor and I am so grateful for this site and for Courtney who has helped me, when no one else has. I called many doctors offices and I was shocked how rude and cruel people can be.
    I truly cannot thank you enough Courtney, you are one of a kind God bless you for all of the help you give to so many people.

    • Court says:


      You are so very welcome, I am so happy you are where you want to be and that is not using!

      As so many thank me you should thank yourself for loving yourself enough to know that it is time to get your life together and stop risking everything. As we all know we are never promised tomorrow, add drugs and you are playing Russian roulette with it.

      I want to thank all of the people who take the time to show appreciation for this site. As so many say it is more than just a web site and are thankful to have a lending, caring hand when you need it most. This world is rough and cruel at times, make the best of each day, be thankful for what you have most importantly NEVER give up hope or give in.

      For today if you are sober, say it to yourself ” today I am sober”. The steps to getting sober are not easy and many things will jump in your way, love yourself enough to detour or run right through it as painful as it may be. It is worth it you and every other person are worth it!!!!

      Best wishes to you Tori~

  106. Lisa says:

    Courtney – Just for the record, you are an amazing human being. I am blessed to have spoken with you and I truly look forward to working with you in all kinds of unforeseen ways. You are amazing.

    • Court says:

      I feel the same ~ To know that other people have a passion for helping others without focus being on money. So many lives one can touch simply by helping. To find true happiness it is my belief that being unselfish and kind to others. You will never know what it is like in someones shoes, as they will not know it is like in yours. Give to others, greed ruins so many people.

      ~ Best Wishes ~

  107. Ryan L. says:

    Courtney @ CTSuboxone is truely one-of-a-kind= Honest, friendly, hardworking, and true cares. If you’re looking for help, she’s there for you. Truely rare in today’s world! There’s help folks! It’s here, with Courtney, @ CTSuboxone!

    • Court says:


      I have been speaking with you for months, and I have to honestly say that YOU are one of a kind. Very ambitious and focused about staying off of anything but Suboxone. It has not been easy for you, yet you have not let the obsticles get in your way of staying sober. Everyday life is a struggle adding this disease makes it more difficult. Nothing in life that is easy is worth having, but I wish that so many could be released from the ropes of the disease of addiction. Suboxone has helped so many people, if only there were more providers that were willing to work with people when it comes to the money. Understanding that they have to survive as well, and some people aren’t as honest as others.

      Things have been up and down for you, but you have remained SOBER and that is what counts. So for everyone that is sober even if it’s just for today, tell yourself “TODAY I AM SOBER”.

      Best wishes to you Ryan, and I know we will be in contact. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment.


  108. Linda says:

    Thank you for all that you do. You are an absolutely amazing beautiful soul, and your compassion and unselfish giving of your time to be a hand up and a resource to all that need is to be commended. You are the light for so many lost and trapped in the depths of the darkness of addiction.
    Love, Light and Peace

    • Court says:


      You are very welcome!! With so many people in need of help and how frustrating it is to find a provider, I find that helping people find the help they so very much need is appreciated. Sadly I cannot help everyone but I try my best, it is frustrating for me when I cannot help someone. Knowing that you have someone to call and talk to, someone who will not judge you for having the disease of addiction or at all. That someone truly cares is something that most people are not used to, I say this to you and to all of the people I have been there for. As I tell any person I speak with if I was able to help or not… please never hesitate to call. Loneliness is a feeling that many experience and a kind voice and understanding can help.

      There are so many amazing people I have spoken to, so many amazing people who are recovering that stay in contact with me. It is an amazing feeling to know that I have helped so many but it hurts me knowing that some people I could not. Knowing that MONEY is the wall that hinders the ability to get the help needed.

      Wishing you the best, and thank you for staying in touch and letting me know how you are.

  109. Becky Scott says:

    I am a new person after being on opiates for 40 years thanks to Suboxone and this site. Thanks to Courtney life is good. I am motivated again, not depressed and most of all not counting my pills to see how many I can take a day until I see my doctor again. She put me in touch with a great doctor and he has a wonderful program.Since 1995 when my sister got murdered I have been depressed(son, mother, husband,brother and friend also died) Of course I was on enough opiates that would kill a normal person which contributed to my depression. Days I didn’t want to get out of bed except for taking those pills. Its been a long time in hell but Suboxone has brought me back to being clear minded and alert. This site was a last ditch effort before I went back to methadone or some other opiate.Doing things that used to seem like a big hassle are now easy. Getting out of bed and off the couch is easy and the 1st step was here on these pages. What a gift this is and how can I’m ever repay her? She reaches out to people just because she truly wants to help.
    she doesn’t charge a fee which in of itsef is amazing!Where can you go to get service like this-I’ll tell you nowwhere. To get up in the morning not craving a pill or fix is a beautiful thing. I know we addicts want a quick fix and for me suboxone is it.I only wish it was available for more people.It looks like you are keeping very busy by the comments I read. You are amazing! I just want people to know that they have a chance with suboxone and they are blessed if they made it to this site.Every day is new for me.I am returning to being a productive person again-not sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself I could tell you so much more but the main reason I am posting this site is so that others that are addicted might read it and give subonone a try and let Courtney help you like she has helped me. And when she does help you leave her a note thanking her because life sucks in the addict world. Thank you Courtney

    Rebecca Scott

    • Court says:

      You are such an inspiration to me and to so many that read what you have wrote. You have been through decades of addiction decades in the dark. You are doing productive positive things with your life, things you were unable to do with the chains you were wrapped in. The feelings that you were never able to feel, you are now feeling and dealing with them step by step. As you are thankful for me, I am so grateful that you have stayed in touch. From the first day we spoke I had a really good feeling that you would be successful in recovery. When we talk you are SO different, but in an excellent full of life way. You REBECCA are a women that has been through so much and instead of giving up you moved forward, to a new and better life. I look forward to staying in touch ( as we have ) and learning about all of the excellent things you are doing.

      As always continue on with all of the wonderful things you are doing.
      I look forward to speaking with you..

  110. Autumn says:

    I just want to thankyou for picking up the phone for me! I don’t even know you, but within that hr. long conversation I can tell that you truely are an amazing person! You not only help so many ppl in need, but do it out of the kindness of your heart!! I know that i’ll be hearing from you soon. God has finally answered my prayer for help. thank you so much.

  111. Cassandra says:

    Your the sweetest woman that I’ve ever known,
    because of the love and care you have shown.
    With the change in my life you play a huge roll,
    your a beautiful person mind, body and soul.
    Someone like you is so hard to find,
    your strong will & big heart makes you 1 of a kind
    You lifted my spirit, your words gave me hope,
    you broke thru the chain I was bound by from dope
    You helped stitch the seams that I needed sewn,
    you helped me do things I couldn’t do on my own.
    I was imprisoned by addiction,noone caring for me
    but now because of you I’ve finally been set free
    My life was a ship that had totally sank,
    but now I’m afloat and it’s you that I thank.
    Thinking of you brings a tear to my eye,
    but now the tears are tears of joy that I cry.

    Thank You For Everything Courtney!

    • Court says:

      I have never received something so original, so beautiful and yet so true. Writing a poem takes a lot of thought, time, energy, and I was so touched by the words. You said so much without a lot of words, you have a talent and hopefully you use it! I find poems to be so personal speaking about things in your life, things you have been through. As for me.. I could only wish I had such a beautiful gift. I don’t think I even have the right words to express the gratitude for your time you took to write it.

      As I wish and want for everyone that suffer from this disease, I wish you the best on the right path back to a life of sobriety. To set goals and reach them, to make dreams come true. Find peace within yourself and the strength in your mind to have the things in life you deserve.

      With warmest wishes and sweet success,

  112. John says:

    I thought I was out of options. I like called doctors for over an hour – nobody has any openings. Somebody told me about this site and I called. I spoike to Courtney, who was very comforting and helped me lots. I must have talked to her for like an hour and she called around and found me a doc. I have an appointment tomorrow. She is sooo helpful and doesn’t judge anybody about what they’re doing. She said that addiction is an illness, and cah be treatedlilke any other sicknes. She really has a caring atitude. If you are needing help to treat your addiction, Courtney is the one to call.

    • Court says:

      John thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment. Many people do not know how important it is to do something that takes such little time. It gives other people seeking help HOPE when they read the comments that are left.

      You will be seeing and excellent doctor that will give you not only medication but will teach you skills. It is up to you to make the right choices, the time we spent on the phone I felt that you were sincere about getting help. If along the way you ever fall, get back up and keep going. You have a lot of excellent things going for you, and with recovery you will shine bright. Please feel free to call if ever you need someone.

      Wishing you the best!!

  113. Katelynn says:

    I just called this number and was shocked to be greeted with a warm voice on the other end. I had been calling Dr’s offices all over the state looking for information and help with getting into a treatment program only to be cut off by receptionist after receptionist when I indicated that I do not have health insurance. The woman I spoke with from this site spoke with me for almost an hour and she not only helped me by telling me she would find a dr for me..she listened to me cry and comforted me and reassured me that I was not alone. She also made sure to let me know that I could call her anytime and that it was never an inconvenience for me to reach out to her just to talk. I feel so relieved and know now that I am on the path to my own personal recovery and it’s all because of the woman on the other end of the phone who took the time to listen. Anyone who is reading this and is feeling nervous about calling please…don’t be.

    • Court says:


      It is always nice to see someone take the time to leave a comment, understanding that your words will be read by many. Showing appreciation for what someone has done for you or anyone is important.

      As for you… it was a pleasure assisting you, knowing that your life will change for the better because of the choice YOU made. That choice was calling and asking for help and before you know it the date of your appointment to see the doctor will be here. You made a huge step today, the step of admitting you need help, and I am so happy that you will soon be counting the days you have been sober. We spoke about writing in a journal, and I believe that it is a very helpful thing to do. With writing you will be able to look back on the days when you were using and see the changes. Writing is also good skill to use period, but I find it to be even more helpful with progress one makes.

      Please know that I was sincere about everything I said, you can call me for whatever even if it is just about the weather. This disease changes people and leaves a void inside, it also takes many lives. Helping people is something I am very passionate about, knowing that taking the time to listen I may have helped save a life.

      You have an excellent personality and something tells me you are going to be ok, that you will get on that golden priceless road to recovery. I am hopeful you will keep me updated on your progress, most importantly I want you to know you never have to feel alone I am a phone call away. Never hesitate as I said it is not an inconvenience, a bother, or unimportant. I encourage you to reach out especially when you felt comfortable when you opened up to me.

      I wish for you a little angel to follow you and look over you through these times and always. You are a special woman and I am happy that you picked up the phone and called.

      You will be in my thoughts and prayers

  114. Court says:

    That was a very powerful message you have sent to so many, or the ones that take the time to read it. As hard as it may have been to write it, I am hopeful you were able to take a breath in and then out knowing you are on the right path. So many feel shame in this disease, alone, sad, desperate, depressed and many I have left out. Fact is you are not alone, there is help and although it is few and far to find the caring people we do.

    I know who left this and I must say you are a strong woman, I know it took a lot for you to say the things that you have said. With those words ” I need help, I am an addict” that is the first place to start on the path to getting help. So many think it is easy to just STOP using, it is a physical and mental addiction and it is not easy. As we have spoken several times, I feel that you are on your way to a life without opiates. Recovery is a selfish act, as it has to be so you can concentrate on your sobriety. Alone is what you do not have to be,and if you have a family member as you do helping each other in a positive way is healthy.

    A huge thank you for your comment I ask that people leave them to help others… AS THEY DO help others. A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF RECOVERY IS HELPING OTHERS,PAYING IT FORWARD IF YOU FOUND HELP

    Best Wishes On The Road to recovery!

  115. NickS says:

    Today my life is heading in a positive and healthy direction from one conversation with an angel from If you are looking break free from the slavery of opiate addiction, you have found the the best place to start. After many days of calling Doctors and clinics giving me the run around or just slamming the door in my face, I found and called the phone number listed on this site, Within a day or so I received a call from a trustworthy and concerned person who have put me on the path to living a life where I’m not going to be spending 100% of my time trying to get high. I haven’t had an easy road so far, in the last 8 years I’ve lost all my immediate family members except for 1, a very close friend overdosed and died from opiates, I’ve overdosed my self 3 times, but this isn’t about me it’s about you and getting the help you deserve, so after you read this, get your phone and call. They are very busy, with the blight of opiate addition spreading so fast these day, they will call you back and have you on the road to recovery in no time

  116. Jeremy says:

    I am very thankful to have found The impossible task of finding a doctor in Connecticut that has any availability was very frustrating. The help I received from ctsuboxone was second to none. I just wanted express my gratitude for the assistance. Thank you so much. In a very difficult time for me this locator made the difference between failure and success.

    • Court says:


      Thank you very much for your kind words and gratitude! I was more than happy to assist you in finding a Suboxone provider so you may continue to stay sober. Taking the time to leave a comment means a lot to us, and your positive words may just help someone else in need of help. Thank you for the voice mail as well, I find the little things in life to be the most important.

      Wishing you the best!

  117. MalH says:

    After multiple attempts and phone calls to several listed Suboxone Doctors,all telling me the same thing that their panels were full, I found this website and easily got in touch with Courtney.Thank GOD for this wonderful person. She was soo caring and understanding and quickly got to work helping me. I now have an appointment with a Dr. and finaly feel hopeful.Better yet, I have a new person in my life that truly cares about me and my situation. If anyone out there needs help, PLEASE call her…She can and definately will help you.

    • Court says:

      To Mal H…..

      Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very rewarding to help people in when they are unable to find help. It is even more frustrating when you have tried to call so many places and the repeated response “not taking patients” or “we are full”. It is hard to find a provider, it is even harder when you have state medical, or even a private policy. A lot of the Suboxone providers are a “fee for service” meaning you pay for the cost upfront, and then you can fill out a HICFA form and send it to your ins. company. That excludes state ins.

      It was a pleasure helping you, your honesty is admirable and a HUGE part of recovery. With your positive attitude and the want for your life back, I believe you will succeed.

      Keep in touch it is always nice to hear how people are doing. Although some may stumble upon the way, the most important thing is to get back up and continue on the road of sobriety.

      Best wishes

  118. Theresa says:

    Hello my name is Theresa and my husband is going thru a rough time and he relapsed choice of drug heroin. I was trying to contact all different programs for my husband to help him with his addiction so he could be a non active addict. So i contacted wheeler clinic and OMG i was so disappointed with the results they wanted him to get clean first and than come in to start the Suboxone program i was soooo upset because if he could do it by himself than of course he would not need you guys program. So i continued to search online for other programs or resources and I clicked on this site and i contacted someone and left a message to my amazement i checked my phone message i heard a message that i thought to myself it could not be real it seemed fake so i called her back and she was patient with me and gave my husband a smile on his face cause for soo long i have not seen it. We got off the phone with her and he was hopefully and finally with a positive attitude and said hun she is going to help me she kept in Constance contact any question i needed answer she was just a phone call away and she is not fake she is real. She is saving my marriage and my husband and my family all at once and i will be forever gratefully to my guardian angel with the voice everything you want to know any concerns or questions this is not fake and i know there is alot of you that think this is just another one of theses site that give you hope and knock you down but NO this is real and these are testimonys and they are real people not actors and NO B S she is the best and her name is Courtney and she is always going to be apart of our family she is willing to help me and give me ideas to help me with my husband so that him may never relapse again lets keep it real that is everyone dream but this is the ANSWER to everyone’s nightmare she really really is a life saver and if she could see this thank you Courtney you have gone above and beyond to take the time out of your busy schedule to help people that really need the help so for one of millions of people that you helped i hope that i am not the last and i should not be the first to say thank you and God bless you for all of your work.

    • Court says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words helping people that suffer from this disease of addiction is something I am very passionate about. It is not understood and stereotyped by others that have never had to face it. Many think you can “just stop” it is not that easy. When you have this disease you become mentally and physically addicted, and it is hard to function without it in them.

      There is hope…you have to want to be sober, you have to be sick and tired of chasing this evil. Suboxone is an excellent medication and has given many their life back, their family and freedom of the voice that keeps calling them back.

      Showing appreciation as you have makes me feel amazing. Knowing that I was able to assist in finding a Suboxone provider. It is extremely hard, if not impossible to find a provider that is taking state insurance right now. I try my very best and that is something I can promise, I will also listen and be there for anyone who is in need before and after they get the care.

      Comments such as this… the time you took, the emotion and showing how grateful you are means so very much. Not only for myself, but for another person that reads it and the hope it gives them. Paying it forward is important, the words you shared may be seen by someone feeling helpless and your words may just save them.

      Wishing you and your family the best, to your husband… a welcome to the road to recovery, never forget those who helped you. Helping another doesn’t cost anything for words can be more powerful than any dollar amount.

  119. rscott says:

    I have been on opiates for 40 years. Talk about being addictED. I have been thru it all. I think it was am miracle that I stumbled onto this website when looking for asuboxone provider. It was certainely not what I expected. I was really stressing about this and low and behold I got a call 2 days later from one of the most caring individuals I have ever spoken to. Not only did she have a provider for me but she was truely interested in my story and cared about my well being. She must have talked to me for over an hour and when I got off the phone with her I felt like Im had goten the best gift in my life. She immediately put me in touch with a doctor and they were expecting my call. She gave me a renewed faith in people as a whole. She geve me the gift of life. I can now stay off of medications – opiates and put my life back together again. She is an angel and I now have a chance to make a better life for myself. How do you thank someone for that??? i definately want to speak with her again. Thank-you so very much!!!!!

    • Court says:

      WOW…. what words can do, I have to say that your words along with another woman who sent in a comment put tears in my eyes. With your words I am able to see that I was able to help you, and you have had a lifetime of addiction. Finding yourself, peace and solace is what I truly wish for you. To see the world with a clear mind and leaving the weight of addiction behind that you have been carrying for not FIVE not TEN not even TWENTY years, 40. You are on the path, or the golden road to recovery. If anyone should ever doubt that they cannot do it, they should think about all of the years you have been imprisoned with this disease. You have an excellent Dr. and I am so grateful I was able to assist you. I care very much about all people, and if I can help I will.

      Giving you a renewed faith in people as a whole, that is just as priceless. Telling your story in a nut shell, you are helping others as well. I look forward to staying in contact, and being here if ever you need a friend.

      Thank you so so much for taking the time to tell others that people do care, and I can only pray that more people share their story and their success. A comment takes a moment, but it can change so much.

      Wishing you the best in your recovery, and seeing things as if for the first time. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  120. jules says:

    By far the best website for help if you really want it. I was and am still amazed at the level of concern. I’m still not sure I want to do this but if an when I do, I will go no place else. No pressure, no judgement, no lectures. Just caring folks. Thanks for all you did for me. Made me really start thinking seriously about getting off the stuff i’m on (don’t want to go in to detail.)

  121. ila says:

    If you have stumbled upon this website by accident, DON”T go anywhere else. If you really need help you have found the rite place. Just call the number and you will see what i am talking about. If they don’t answer on the first try (unusual) just keep trying. They WILL get back to you and not only that, after they have helped ypu, you can count on a call back to check up. Follow-up and more. I was blown away and now I am on the medication and sooooo relieved. CALL NOW.

  122. maggie says:

    I have seen alot of people strung out on oxy’s, percs, and all the “party favors” as my XXXXX-boyfriend called them. I was one of them until I turned my computer on and then found this siet. I called the number and expected to get an answering machine. I was blown away by a real person picking up the phone. Not only did she pick up the phone, she spoke to me for almost 2 hours. She gave me hope I didn’t have at that point. She gave me so much information. I hung up and went to a meeting. the next day I went to the place she recommended and by the end of the day I was on Suboxone. Just want everyone to know, CALL THE NUMBER..It will change your life,

  123. Rob G says:

    Could you please go to the contact page and leave us a phone number so that we could contact you in a more private and discreet manner?

  124. cc says:

    i need help. i lost my health insurence. i have a 2year old and a 9month old. because the father is not fould for my son i can not get insurence. i have been 100%clean over a year. i need to get subboxzone some how, where? i tried to detox but i just cant do it! i only have a few days left of pills!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • broc says:

      hun you can always get insurance..i dont quite understand your situation, but finding a doc is the hardest part.. keep up with courtney and she can help.. good luck on your search

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