Addiction can turn a perfectly healthy individual into a complete mess. There are many things that one can become addicted to. The common denominator is that it can ruin your life. When  it comes to substance abuse, your life will spin out of control and quickly. It can start with  not paying your bills, selling everything you own, lying to loved ones about needing money, losing your job, losing yourself , your family. There are some people that are born with an addictive personality. They may try a drug one time and it can ruin their lives forever. Others experiment with all sorts of lifestyle choices and nothing seems to stick to them. When it comes to addiction, there is nothing fair about it. But there is something you can do about it, and that is to get help. Be honest with your family. As hard as it may be to admit you are an addict, it would be much easier than getting a phone call no parent or family member wants to get.

Many people who have not dealt with addiction will never understand “there is no cure for addiction”.  The best you can do is have a plan, if it be maintaining with medications and group therapy or just having a strong network of friends, addiction is a life long battle, but trust me your life is worth it.

If you hit a little bump in the road then oh well.  Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.  Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.  Get back up, dust yourself off and as long as you know you are doing the best you can and giving 100% of yourself, that is all anyone can ask and only you and your greater power can judge otherwise.

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3 responses to “Addiction”

  1. Sarah says:

    The State of CT is turning a blind eye to the Heroin Addiction epidemic … they created an 800 number that is useless … do they think we don’t know about Cedar street in New haven- my son has waited three days to get in there – they have no available beds. This epidemic is so widespread they need a Detox hospital! A HEALTH CENTER for addictions. And do they think Heroin addicts are up at 8:00 – 11:00 in the morning for a two hour intake ? Really? How about treating people 24/7 – oh yeah… that’s what they say at Hill Health Center but they have no beds either… No support for families that are being torn apart… it takes a lot for the addict to admit they need help and once they do… they need Immediate help … not “you have to wait for a bed- keep calling back “. And now the governor is cutting funding… We need Suboxone clinics and Lots more Doctors to treat these sick people. Train Doctors and med students and Pharm students to treat the addicted … if this was the Ebola virus we would be all over it … Speak up People …let your representatives know you want help for these sick people.

    • Court says:

      Sarah – As we are constantly calling providers, providers and facilities are calling us for help. This is not at all a good sign. With the legislative session coming to an end in May, I am really not sure what the state is going to do for the countless people in this crisis and it is a crisis, that started years ago. As I have sat with representatives and even met with Senator Chris Murphy, giving them suggestions as to how to help the people in Connecticut. Rehabilitation centers do not seem to be the answer, not only are they costly, they are simply not effective (from my experience in speaking with thousands of individuals). We need more Suboxone providers, we need an incentive program for providers to become certified to prescribe Suboxone. Along with that raise the Medicaid/state insurance reimbursement rate. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand together, to bring awareness to the lack of action being taken in this very serious matter. Thank you for leaving the information about the 800 number. Also, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it means so very much.

      Warm regards,

  2. AHB says:

    A world of illusion
    Where reality is so warped
    A mirage of confusion
    Where i chose not to walk

    Instead i tread the path
    Where others fear to go
    Where GOD meets you there
    Where I’d been once before

    Where i strayed from my roots
    And forgotten my dreams
    Crossed over the river
    And swam the lonely stream

    I searched high and low
    I walked through the valleys
    I delved in the deep
    And dismal dark alleys

    Only to find loneliness
    And empty sullen eyes
    Living with pain
    And so full of lies

    Only to find hatred
    Where only love should live
    A world full of sin
    Which only GOD could forgive

    I saw through the shadows
    I came through the rain
    To merge with the darkness
    The light once again

    My hopes and my dreams
    Subdued with remorse
    My plans and my schemes
    Brought me back to the source

    From the torment of passion
    To the Glory of Truth
    I found GOD in the treasure
    I found Loving proof

    I played in the ocean
    I glided through the sea
    I crossed back over the river
    Where I learned to be free

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