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CT's Growing Opiate EpidemicCT’s Growing Epidemic of Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction and the growing epidemic in Connecticut,  many are in the same situation in Connecticut and all over the U.S, finding a suboxone provider. More and more people are contacting us for help, desperate situations leaving many with limited options, to continue using, methadone treatment or death.

Positive members in society, as there is no “cure” for the disease of opiate addiction, there is a medication that has given many their lives back. Suboxone is the medication that is helping many, but a rapid increase of people seeking treatment in Connecticut. Limitations of how many patients a suboxone provider can treat, 30 patients for the first year 100 patients after a year. With the limitations that a suboxone provider has, leaves many hopeless.

Connecticut spends countless amounts of money on impatient treatment for opiate addiction, detox facilities, methadone clinics and (I.O.P) intensive out patient care. Treatment that does not have a high success rate but has a hefty price tag. Suboxone has saved the lives of many, with the limitations and lack of suboxone providers in Connecticut is putting a large financial debt on the state.


1: Raising the limitations of the amount of patients a suboxone provider can treat

2: Incentives for doctors to become certified to prescribe suboxone

3: People seeking suboxone treatment, to have some financial responsibility for suboxone treatment


You can help by writing your story and sending it to ctsuboxone, info@ctsuboxone.com When sharing your story you can use just your first name. Addiction does not discriminate, seeking help is becoming more and more an issue for many. Sharing your story, the struggles you have faced will help bring the much needed awareness to the growing epidemic of opiate addiction in Connecticut.


Lower deaths due to opiate overdose

Lower the amount of babies born addicted due to heroin, pain killers and methadone any opiates. There is a special medication called subutex that is shown to be a much safer medication to treat opiate addiction during pregnancy.

Decrease in crime, arrests, court costs/fees, state money

Having suboxone available to more people allows for productive citizens in society. Stability will allow people that suffer from opiate addiction in Connecticut to hold a job, and cut costs for state assistance.

Citizens of Connecticut are struggling to find a suboxone provider. People who have state insurance are experiencing difficulty finding a suboxone provider who accepts state insurance. Some providers are self pay, many are reasonable. Opiate addiction becomes very expensive quickly, paying for the visit is an option with state insurance I am confident to say that the prescription IS covered. If you had to pay for suboxone itself , it would be around $9.00 per film.

Sobriety is a goal as well as life changing, you cannot pay for sobriety itself, but if reaching that goal is paying for a suboxone doctor, it is a much smaller fee than the possible outcome.

Please contact us if you have any ideas on how awareness can be brought. Residence of Connecticut are desperate to find a provider, with Suboxone treatment and the lives that have been saved. Ideas are always welcome, help is always needed, and the suboxone doctors in Connecticut are encouraged to contact us. Together we can help, as we are reaching out to members within the state for change, your voice matters!


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