Suboxone is actually a trade name for Buprenorphine with naloxone.  Suboxone in some cases is used to treat pain but was introduced into the US market as a wonder pill that not only helps people beat their opiate addiction but also when used as directed has an 88% success rate of overcoming addiction.

In October of 2002 years after it has been tested and used across seas the FDA finally gave it the thumbs up to be used in the USA.  They also Ok’ed Subutex which is Suboxone but without the Naloxone, but it is very rarely a person is allergic to Naloxone so most of the time Suboxone is what is prescribed to the patient.

Suboxone is beprenorphone as a high-dose sublingual pill which is used for detoxification and long-term replacement therapy in opoid dependency.  As stated before and like most medications Suboxone can be used to treat pain and other things but it is primarily used to treat opiat addiction.


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2 responses to “Suboxone”

  1. Hi i am looking for a doctor or an out pacient treament facility near me , that takes state ins. . the places ive called are either booked or i cant call because of long distance phone not available to me at this time!

    • Court says:


      The words “everyone is full, not taking new people” etc. Is all that is heard, frustration and fear is within so many seeking help for opiate addiction within this state. Having the issues that hundreds are having in Connecticut trying to find a Suboxone provider is getting harder and harder. I will continue to do what I can, I will continue to work with providers within Connecticut and continue to have hope that doctors will continue to contact me informing me if they are taking new patients, what insurance they accept etc.

      Working together can save the lives of many, doctors in Connecticut that are Suboxone providers please PLEASE reach out so we can work together to help each other to help people suffering from this disease.

      Marshall email me @ text OR call me at 860-966-3964, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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