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Bound by the chains of this disease called addiction losing yourself, your family and sometimes everything you love. Addiction is a mental and physical addiction so many who do not understand it. Educating yourself about a loved one with this disease of addiction could make a huge difference. Although you may never truly understand it unless you have faced it yourself. Getting to know the early signs of this monster and doing your best to be supportive.

Sadly many lives have been lost and ruined because of the disease of addiction. The person you once knew is no longer there, life is short enough and this disease DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. People do not wake up and decide to ruin their lives to become someone they aren’t.

If you have found sobriety please feel free to share your story. By doing so you may help many people, you do NOT have to give your name but your story will give many faith.

If you would like to share your story, please send it to

I am hopeful that people will share what they have been through, as they say ” you can only keep what you have by giving it away”. There are so many people that have lost faith and sometimes the inspiration of ONE persons struggle and willingness to share it you can change a life.

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