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  • Dr. Gabriel Arimoro – Hartford, CT 06114

    Dr. Gabriel Arimoro
    864 Wethersfield Ave.
    Hartford, CT 06114

    Phone: 203-887-5950

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    5 thoughts on “Dr. Gabriel Arimoro – Hartford, CT 06114”

    1. Chris says:

      I visited Dr Arimoro because he was able to see me as a new patient quickly. I am not a Suboxone client. Saw him for over a year trying different combos of drugs. He put me on high levels of dangerous drugs and ultimately I ended up in the emergency room with a seizure as a result. Is taking far to many clients, is far too over extended and cares more about money then the safety and well being of his patients. Unless Suboxone client or just going for med maintenance already prescribed by a real Dr, avoid at all costs,

    2. brittny says:

      hey i have state insurance and made an appt with this doc sept seventh i hope he helps me because im pregnant and need help asap

    3. Almost a Patient says:

      I can’t believe what this Dr. was going to do to me. He was going to charge me $150.00 to see him, then $100.00 a week for 4 weeks to ween me off, then I would be off suboxone.

      That is not how this medication works and the fact that he just wanted to make a quick buck off of me then leave me stranded is sickening to my stomach.

    4. Now my spelling is dreadful. Sorry sick with a bacterial lung infection.

    5. Hi Doctor Arimoro, I can not believe that I was so incopetent as to forget to write the time for
      sturdays’ appointment which I believe is 8:15at 86 Wethrsfield Avenue. Please let me know by calling me at 203-909-7130 or e-mailingme back.

      thank you so much, agian sorry for the incompetnece.

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