Rocky Hill Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine – Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Rocky Hill Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine
546 Cromwell Ave. Suite 101
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Phone: 860-999-1688

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10 responses to “Rocky Hill Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine – Rocky Hill, CT 06067”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been at this place for over two years. I’ve never had a problem with this place until this past week. It is all because of the front desk night staff, who are both new receptionists, probably 3 months now. I have had all clean urines for over 3 years, missed 1 group due to my grandma death, never had any problems with any other of the staff or doctors. well, this past week, i needed a form faxed to another doctor explaining and proving being a patient here. The front desk girl who handles my doctors case load/ patients never faxed the form. I found out because I called the other doctors office and they never got it. 3 weeks later i ask this front desk girl to please fax again. She callse at 8pm says the office is closed so she’ll do it tomorrow. I go in to make up a group that very next day at 7pm, she still hasn’t faxed it. she said she didn’t have time. nice huh? Then since I made up the group that my husband is in with the doctors permission, I walk outnof the group to go home and the front desk girls completely humiliate me telling me that I can’t do that. We, yes, you cant be in the weekly groups with a spouse but we have made up groups before together with no problems. the girls continue to berate me,threaten me that I could be discharged, telling that the doctor doesn’t tell them what to do. I was like, ok it’ll never happen again 3 times but both of them kept yammering at me. I’m so upset by their unprofessional approach to a recovering addict. It’s obvious neither of them have any knowledge of addiction. Every office member should be mandated to take a course in addiction recovery. I really like my doctor there, it wasn’t him at all. Its definitely the 2 front desk night girls.

  2. Laurie says:

    This place was no good for my son either. he is a heroin addict and because he missed 3 groups they just threw him out like trash with one week of Suboxone and told him good luck. He is back full into is addiction no stop heroin, stealing, lying all because of this dump of a place that is so so so unprofessiona. The doctor missed my sons apt 3 seperate times my son has waited in the waiting room for over an hour because they didn’t remember he showed up and the groups are a BIG FAT JOKE DOCTOR SITS THERE FOR 10 min! And 90 percent of the time my son drove the 25 miniutes only to be told that there was no group that’s how this mess began with him missing a group then they told him he could make a group up so he didn’t lose his brand new job first one in 4 years and WHAT DO THEY DO THEY TELL HIM THAT HE IS OUR HE CANT MAKE UP THE GROUP HE ONLY MISSED THE DAM GROUPS BECAUSE THEY KEPT CHANGING THE GROUP 80 percent of the time he never knew when it was the doctor missed over half of my sons appointment. But hey he has state insurance husky and a heroin addict NO ONE CARES NOW HE CANT FIND A PLACE TO GO SO HE CHOOSES HEROIN OR IS BACK ON BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF CARE FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE ADDICTION FIELD IN CONNECTICUT. IM CALLING SOMEONE THIS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW

  3. Dana L says:

    I am sorry to hear you both did not have good experiences with Rocky Hill, I hope you have both found the help you needed and are doing well. I am a patient at Rocky Hill and have been for some time. I feel that I have been treated with constant support and I really feel that they do care, right down to the people who takes the urines. I have never felt “less then” or felt I was being judged. I really have become to love this place and do not even want to think about changing to another doctor or facility. I don’t know what happened in your case but I know that I have always been treated with respect and dignity, by a staff that shows me that they really do care about me.

  4. Alicia says:

    I have been on a pain management program and unfortunately my doctor retired and I Was referred to a doctor at CT addiction center of Rocky Hill. When I called I was given an intake as an addict, ( which I looked past; addict given I’m in pain management). At my first appointment I found out that they gave me a different doctor then the one my previous doctor referred me to, (I went with it anyhow to give this doctor a chance). Unfortunately this doctor doesn’t know anything about pain or managing it and unfortunately I have been to the ER seven times to treat my physical pain despite the “treatment for addiction “. The CNA’s seem to be involved a lot with each case but they don’t all take each situation as something different. On top of it, they’ve expected me on days different from what THEY wrote on my appointment card, and even had me get child care last minute because of this only for me to drive over an hour there to find out my doctor left. I’ve waited six hours in the last month alone because of these situations, had anxiety put me into panic because of how I was treated, and wasted money on baby sitters and gas. I understand we are not all perfect and I get that we all make mistakes, but eventually it gets to be too much a price when my children witness me being incapacitated due to my physical pain, or stressed due to these issues. It’s pretty bad when they make a fairly small mistake THEY’VE made into a huge problem for me in which they blame on me and deny any faults. Not very positive or professional.

    • rootsgal says:

      Thank you for your honest review of your experience.
      I would be annoyed if I had to wait longer than 45 minutes, and even that is too long.
      Who needs the added stress of overbooked shrinks?

      I cannot find anyplace that will help me. I was told because of being on oxycodone for more than 20 years, (thanks to WORKERS COMP using opiates as a “cure”) I would have to be inpatient for 60-90 days as my risk for a seizure and dying is high.

      No insurance will pay for longer than 28 days, because I called 4 places and inquired.
      Even if I was having a seizure on day 28, they would send me home.
      They told me to “not try to get off the last 10 mgs at home on your own”. #death

      I bought a pill cutter and weaned myself down from 140 mgs of oxycodone to 10 mgs. Not one of my doctors who are aware of my situation, of stalled surgery>artificial discs being implanted, would help me wean down.
      They are worried about the “liability.”
      Its all about them, I see.

      Next excuse: “there are “no beds available”.
      Seems like they are shooing me away and I called for myself.
      If I was a heroin addict, I could drive to NH and turn myself into the police.
      They do not arrest you and they help you immediately for free.
      Here is the rub…I am not turning to heroine so I can get treatment quicker!


    • ME YOU KNOW ME says:

      I know I am now contra dictating myself, but when I first wrote the review I really did feel that way – wow how quickly things change. Where to begin? So many things done here that are totally unprofessional. I would not at all be surprised if I did not receive consequences of some sort for writing this – however. they would never admit it was this. How easy it is however to knock someone down who is at your mercy? When I put myself in their care I trusted them, by the time I realized how nuts it was it was too late. Has anyone else ever have a counselor bring you into their office, tell you that they are very upset with you, that you should not mistake their kindness for weakness, and that I guess your just not the person that I thought you were, I don’t believe you are being honest. When I ask why? what did I do for you to treat me like this? The answer I got was “I am not going to tell you,” I actually expected this person to stick their tongue out at me as I was leaving. Great communication, Great thing to drop on someone who is suppose to be their for help, I felt like I was at a child’s playground and the farthest I could be from a counselors office. I think that statement coming from a therapist will be something I will laugh at with people over and over again, but at the time it was far from funny. Remember however, we are the unbelievable ones, the ones who can never challenge this person because I am an addict and they have multiple degrees. They can yell at me but God help me if I try to stand up for myself, If they are reading this – go ahead – take your pound of flesh and make my life hell, I just don’t care anymore, Nothing is worth being treated like scum, especially after I fought long and hard for my recovery and feel I have don’t nothing wrong.

  5. Heather says:

    I was very disappointed with experience with Rocky Hill Behavioal health. My experience has been that you have to wait to begin treatment, and for weeks. The staff, are not caring of the situation so many of us face, opiate addiction. It was my preference to start Suboxone therapy. Rocky Hill behavioral health providers did not respect my choice of Suboxone treatment for my opiate addiction, they continued to push the Vivitrol shot . While Suboxone has been an amazing treatment for opiate addiction and for years. Vivitrol is a shot given monthly, and I have read about it for treatment of this disease, addiction for opiates, myself, I am a heroin addict. Needless to say, I was not able to get Suboxone treatment from this facility. Although they said yes, they could treat me with Suboxone, and yes they did take my insurance, Connecticut husky. I did go in for an ” evaluation” and because I refused the Vivitrol shot, I did not feel like they cared about my individual needs, I found another provider for my opiate addiction. Thank you ctsuboxone for all of your help and true compassion for the people who are addicted to opiates.


    • Anonymous says:

      Would you be willing to let me know what place you go to now? I’m looking to go elsewhere. ty.

  6. Rob G says:

    I wish that more people would leave comments about this place, I know a lot of people have had experiences with them.

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