Are you on Medicare and need help finding a Suboxone Dr.?

Are you on medicare and having a hard time finding a Suboxone provider that takes medicare in Connecticut? There are not a lot of doctors that accept medicare but we may be able to help.

When you are ready to get help with opiate addiction it can be very frustrating when you cannot find the a provider that takes medicare. There is hope! So if you are one of the many that are having a difficult time finding the help, don’t give up, contact us.

What is medicare between medicare and medicaid?

Medicare is a federal acute care insurance program that is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Medicaid is also a Federal program, but it is run by the State. The two programs serve different purposes.

Many people in the state of Connecticut are having a hard time finding a medicaid (state insurance)  Suboxone provider. It is very frustrating to hear  “we are full”  “we are not taking anymore patients” etc. We will help anyone who needs it.


6 responses to “Are you on Medicare and need help finding a Suboxone Dr.?”

  1. Shane Riddle says:

    I think if you need it and it works for you then get it at a clinic

  2. Al Robertsen says:

    I’m on the state insurance (grey card) that paid for methadone till I decided to get off it. 150mg to 0 in 3 months. Pure hell still. I’d like to try suboxone but I know of and can’t find any DOC in Hartford area that will do that. I am homeless and indigent so that kinda screws me big time.

  3. gea says:

    I need help finding a doctor in CT that takes state insurance that prescribes suboxone…ASAP please!!

  4. tonya brown says:

    I’m trying to find a doctor that accepts medicare I have been purchasing suboxone off the street and my tolerance level has increased and now I’m in relapse mode, I can’t afford to keep buying off the streets I have been stressed because I have been trying to find a doctor who takes my insurance and I have been running into a dead end so please help me or lead me into the right direction thank you.

    • Court says:


      You are not alone many people are trying to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut, please contact me via email or by phone 860-966-3964 and I will do my best to help find you a provider.

      Getting Suboxone off the street is not only dangerous but illegal, it is not something I condone or encourage. What I do know is that there are so many people trying to find a Suboxone provider and it is becoming more and more difficult to do so. Hence the reason for people turning to the street for Suboxone, putting more lives in danger… a vicious cycle.

      There are Suboxone providers that accept medicare, Husky, state insurance… unfortunately it is even more difficult to find placement

      Again and again we need more Suboxone providers in Connecticut.

      Stay safe,

  5. Mary suchecki says:

    I’ve been on Suboxone for over four and a half years. It has changed my life and my 4 kids and 2 grand-kids. BUT NOW MY DOCTOR IS NOT ACCEPTING STATE INSURANCE.SO I truly need any d Doctor who cares and can help me.?I’ve had all clean urine screens for over 4 yrs.I feel so let down my my Doctor four and a half years ,I was one of his first patients.PLEASE I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO I HOPE HE WILL SEE ME ONE MORE TIME HE WON’T DETOX ME BECAUSE IT WILL TAKE TO LONG S.O.S,PLEASE AND THANKS.I LIVE IN SOUTHEASTERN CT.BUT I WILL DRIVE …I JUST CARE ABOUT DETOXING SAFELY.

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