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Finding help for opiate addiction in Connecticut is far from easy, Suboxone is a medication that has given many their lives back. Many people find themselves at a dead end after calling countless Suboxone providers. ctsuboxone has been able to help those in need of help, many are in need of help now you can contact me (Courtney) but please know that I have no control over what providers do, I am simply a referral and one person. Many call with expectations that I can find a provider that is 15 minutes away, I cannot. State insurance is the biggest issue, there are not enough providers accepting it the ones that are are full.

I have been able to help many, please read the comments on the front page. A promise that I can find a suboxone provider is something I cannot do, but I will try my best.

Please call 860-966-3964 my voice mail is usually always full because so many are seeking help. Please leave only ONE voice mail, you can try to call again or email me with your name and contact information. You can do so at

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56 responses to “Get Help Now”

  1. Charles H King says:

    These so called Dr’s take an oath to do not harm! The insurance companies call the shots and do nothing to help and the process of getting help is a run through a gamit of time being sick and struggling to find a semblance of life leading the cycle of torture and even death! I don’t want to die! Nor do I want to suffer! There is a medicine that will help me and why is it kept out of reach? All I love are dead because of this and I can’t get help!?

  2. Joni Yonce says:

    Hello I’ve been Searching for an Suboxone clinic that will take my insurance ( Medicare) of have reasonable price to join their clinic. Within Kentucky and surrounding areas

  3. Danz says:

    I called a bunch of numbers for days all gave me the same old not taking new people for Suboxone or the numbers that were not even in service anymore. This one doctor did give me the number 2 Courtney just out of rehab and no place to go I no me enough that if I don’t get some help I will be dead. No body gives a crap about dope heads went to 4 funerals in 3 months from friends that overdosed. I been in out of jail for things because I needed to get high function hell no nothing I could do without the evil in my veins. So I gotta say that Courtney is a cool person man she was all nice helping me she got me to a place that took my state insurance broke dope heads don’t got anything but state insurance. Looking in the mirror is good now talking with my FAM after years of them wanting nothing to do with me. Sober never thought I would ever say that a box in a hole was my destiny I guess not cuz on here thank to the doctor that gave me Courtney number. Thank you to you Courtney you straight saved my life don’t be dumb other people that were like me call this number ask for Courtney she will help you don’t keep pushing it that dope is killin people don’t think it ain’t gonna be your life cuz its over in a minute. Ct has the dope killing everybody and the people in Ct ain’t doin nothin to help us cuz we don’t cost nothin dead.

  4. Anne says:

    Thank tou so much Courtney for taking the time to talk to me and HELP. It’s a shame there aren’t more people in this world like you. As soon as I get back on the right track I’d love to help you!
    Thanks again!!!

    • Court says:

      Anne – It was so nice talking with you! There is no better feeling than being able to help someone. It is so difficult to find help with opiate addiction in Connecticut. While Suboxone treatment is helping people who struggle with opiate addiction, finding that help is so difficult. Connecticut needs more Suboxone providers, Suboxone providers who accept Connecticut state insurance, Husky insurance. After calling all the listed Suboxone providers, only to be turned down over and over again. It should not be so difficult for anyone to find help, as this disease is taking lives.

  5. Brandon g says:

    Courtney is truly doing this for the welfare of others, not for any monetary gain, she’s got that gold soul theory . Y’all should appreciate the real help this woman did for me and can do for you . Thanks .. BG

    • Court says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment on, it is helpful for others when they are having difficulties.

      Take care,

    • Court says:


      We spoke for sometime on the phone…. you were eager to turn your life around, you were well aware that Suboxone would allow you to get your life back. It was very nice speaking with you, I am always a phone call away.

      Take care,

  6. Hi my Name is Kimberly my phone # is 623-210-8247 please call me. I have never done this. I have been in pain management for five years and them lowering my meds at my request is not working for me. I would loke to find a doc who knows how to help me . Thank you for any info.

  7. Nathan says:

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I had a addiction problem a few years back, I found myself looking for help and well ended up on methodone. (just so everyone knows my spelling sucks but im trying to find help so please bare with me) well the methodone helped but it was not my answer. I had a really good job where i was forced to travel so it wasnt working so i asked to get take home bottels but they wouldnt go for it seeing how i was only on it for a few months. well theye ended up droping me and was sick for weeks but either way it did kinda work cuz after that i was clean for about 3 years. untill one day I snaped my arm in a bad dirtbike accedent.i did all i could to not take any pain meds every time they gave me 2 scripts of perks and vikes i only filled one. well after my 4 surgurys i gave in and started taking everything and i found myself getting sick. fml, so after the last surgury i started buying perks with what ever money ive had left of any of my checks. im driving myself nuts im trying to stop and ever saterday im buying methodone from people and during the week trying to buy suboxins just to get me by but i allways find myself only finding perks and well i just cant live this way anymore im growing sick of my life cuz all im ever thinking about is pills or being sick. I just dont know what to do i need help and someone to talk to. I really need a suboxin program to help me with this. i want to be clean and i want a better life. 🙁

  8. Jessica M. says:

    Thank you Courtney!
    I felt great relief after our conversation today.
    What you are doing for people who are in need of this specific treatment is wonderful. Keep up the hard work because your are helping so many people, in all different situations. The world needs more people like you.

    • Court says:

      Thank you Jessica,

      It is so hard for people to find treatment for opiate addiction in Connecticut,countless people seeking suboxone treatment.As I have reached out to countless agencies for help as well as suboxone providers to work together to help people who want their life back, and to become a positive citizen in society. has been here for people close to 3 years now, having spoken to so many people who suffer from opiate addiction in need of help. It is very hard when I am unable to help someone it really bothers me, I do the best I can and continue to try.

      You said “I felt great relief after our conversation today”. When I speak with people I take the time to listen everyone is different yet the same as each person is seeking treatment and has called every number available. Countless calls and the same answer “we aren’t taking new patients” that can be extremely frustrating and push people seeking help to give up. When people are referred to me by the 211 info line or by finding our website, people are grateful even if I could not find them help, the fact that someone listened to them, did not judge them means so much.

      To all, please feel free to reach out to your congressman, senator, representative about ctsuboxone and how it has helped you. If I had more people to assist me I would be able to help more people. Until that changes I will continue to help all that I can, and be the voice for all.


  9. laura martin says:

    Laura Martin Tring to get intouch with Cortny voice mail full an really need some help for my boyfriend an myself asap..

    • Court says:


      My voice mail box is always full, it is very difficult to answer every call as much as I try there are simply to many people seeking help. There is an epidemic in Connecticut, I am the only one who answers the phone to try and assist people seeking a Suboxone provider in Connecticut. Doing my very best to help everyone, hearing the desperation in voices is heart breaking.
      I will continue to help, and I remain hopeful that the Suboxone providers in Connecticut will contact me so we can work together to help people in need of help.

      We finally spoke! Hopefully with the doctor that I suggested will be able to help. If not I will do my very best to help you find a provider. One thing I can never do is promise someone I can find them a doctor, giving false hope is something I will not do.

      Hopefully Monday we will know more.

      Hang in there,

  10. K says:

    I finally decided to get some help and after calling around to MANY different doctors I felt totally defeated! It’s easier to buy illegal stuff than get help legally!!
    Courtney answered my phone call right away and was able to set me up with a doctor to get the help I need! She gave me hope when I had given up.
    It should NOT be so hard to get help in CT!!! Something has to be done about it.

  11. mary says:

    We need more people like Courtney, that help people and to the doctors that prescribe suboxone and don’t answer their phones or call back, shame on you, we need more funding from our government to help get more doctors who can treat people who need suboxone in Connecticut.

    • Court says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, the fear in your voice for your daughter is heartbreaking. It is very frustrating for individuals who reside in Connecticut that are seeking help for opiate addiction. As there is an overwhelming number of people in desperate need for help, the help is beyond difficult to find.

      We need more Suboxone providers in Connecticut as this disease is growing.

  12. Brian says:

    I’m looking for suboxone can anyone help me thanks

  13. LAURA says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Laura and I am soooo frustrated with how difficult is it to seek help, find a doctor that prescribes suboxone and can take new patients etc yet it is soooo easy to become an addict. Many doctors have no problem shoving pain pills down your throat so you get addicted and they have a constant monthly cash flow but when people like all of us get sick of it and wanna do the right thing, it’s a long, tiring and aggravating process with constant let downs and disappointment. To everyone like me, KEEP YOUR HEAD up and STAY STRONG….Don’t let these doctors and drug dealers get the best of you! And if anyone knows a suboxone doctor anywhere in CT that can get me in ASAP, PLZ LET ME KNOW. I live in Norwich but I am willing to travel where ever! Thank you.

    • Laura says:

      I am replying to my own post because I was told by a friend that their is 2 doctors in Westerly, RI that are taking new patients and prescribe Suboxone. I am calling now so will keep everyone posted on how it goes. Thank you all.

  14. Jayson says:

    Hi, I am on state insurance and have been on suboxone for 2 years with weekly group and urine’s. I recently fractured my neck and had to be back on opioid’s and got kicked out of my program. Desperatly looking for assistance. Please Help. Thank You!!

    • Court says:


      I would like to help you find a doctor, please email me your contact information @ or you can call OR text me at 860-966-3964. It may take sometime for me to get back to you, I am doing my best to help everyone, just PLEASE continue to call or text, I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.


  15. TRISH says:

    i am om husky a and i need help… i have been clean from herion for 4 years and got sick was on pain meds.. if i dont get help i will loose my kids and job…

  16. Bruce says:

    Hi Courtney,
    We spoke Monday about getting me in to the doctor this Monday, the 18th. I’ve got everything ready to go- the $, the ride to New Haven, BUT I don’t know the address of the doc’s office or when I should be there! Help!

  17. sunny days says:

    I don’t know why it’s so easy to find methadone but can’t find a sub doctor in or around Hartford CT. Everyone wants so much down , if I had that money I wouldn’t be on state insurance. Very sad state!

    • Court says:

      You bring up a very good point…. METHADONE is easy to get on, but from what I have heard from countless people and I will quote ” I would rather continue to use than go on it”
      Suboxone should be more accessible, doctors that provide Suboxone in Connecticut are urged to contact us so we can work together to help many seeking Suboxone treatment in Connecticut, working together will only help people in need.

      Please contact me by email or phone email is phone is 860-966-3964 you may text or call. My voice mail fills up about 3 times a day but I will do my very best to get back to you.


  18. Kim says:

    I need help please for a suboxine doctor. I’ve been on them for year’s, the doctor in Ellington is terrible threw me out when I was at my lowest & I’ve been paying 10 -20. A day to stay clean and buy them on the streets. I’m really at a low point and just frustrated, thank you.

  19. John says:

    Hi everyone ,I need help and need infomation on how I can find a doctor or somone that maybe able to help me in my recovery .I been battling an addicton for about 4 years now with a bad drug called tramadol wtch in sum states now they are making it controlled .I was taking 14 a day cause I was not feeling the effects like I was whe I first took it 4 years ago but now realizing that everytime I run out I wd so bad. I withdrew so bad for 2 weeks onetime and had to go back on the medictin to taper and when I tryed that I was worse. I just cant stop and really need help ON what I need to do to get a doctor that may take my state insurence or sum info on starting this process. Thank you !

    • Court says:

      Please contact me, I will do my very best to help you.


      • Court says:

        Many people are reaching out for help trying to find a Suboxone provider in Connecticut. A doctor in Watertown is no longer allowed to administer Suvoxone, this was unexpected by the patients being treated. It has been VERY difficult to find openings for suboxone doctors in Connecticut, and many are suffering.

        DOCTORS, please lend a helping hand as the epidemic of opiate addiction is spreading. You can help by having your office staff contact me ( as many doctors do) and let me know if you are accepting new patients, if insurance is accepted etc. Working together we can help the many in need of care, this addiction does not discriminate.

        Kindly lend a helping hand by contacting me, you can do so by phone 860-966-3964 or email

        There is trouble in Connecticut! Not enough doctors to treat the amount of people in need, especially people who have state insurance. We are putting together as much information as we can so we can present it to legislation seeking help. ANYONE who would like to share their story of what Suboxone has done for you please feel free to do so, you do not have to put your full name. EVERY story will help, if you would like to do a 10-15 minute segment in the documentary, contact us.

        Help is needed,and I urge people seeking help as well as the providers, to assist with bringing fourth the much needed awareness. This monster will continue to grow, finding help is already a struggle and suboxone has saved and changed many lives, a medication that many are in desperate need of… please pay it forward.

        Again contact information… Courtney – ( for documentary questions and other ) 860-966-3964

        Thank you so very much for the people that are helping, as well as the people who have told their story.

        Wishing all well in this new year….

        Bejamin Franklin

  20. marlon cabaan says:

    Pleas I need help finding a suboxone doctor. To the person who takes messages pleas call me, I need help you can call me

  21. broc says:

    the search for a suboxone doctor has been daunting to say the least. i was a patient at Clean Slate of Bloomfield for almost a year and poof they were gone. during that time i spent 10 months in jail for an old matter that needed to be taken care of. now that im home (as of Oct. 1st) im finding it even harder to find a clinic let alone a doctor that is willing to except my husky LIA insurance. im not made of money and it seems without 1000 dollars im basically out back which is very very frustrating because i do suffer from this plague/disease, that is opiate addiction. upon my return to the real world i find it hard to live without using, (i am an addict). NA is a joke, jail’s and rehabs DO NOT WORK. Suboxone is the ONLY thing that has ever helped me PERIOD. i finally found a job and am wanting to continue working and live drug free. at the current time i am forced to buy suboxone from people off the street due to lack of legit doctors and or clinics. trust me when i say I AM DONE WITH WANTING TO USE HEROIN, but lets be honest its easier to get a 5 dollar bag of junk than it is to get the much needed medication that is proven to work for sooo many addicts. action must be taken. this epidemic is effecting more and more each day. children are dying. families are suffering, and the one solution we have is next to impossible to acquire… HELP

  22. brian phillips says:

    my name is Brian and there is definitely help needed
    for people like myself and there is only one wonderful
    women running this web site and she runs it all alone and does not receive any money for her help. she helps as many people as she can. this wonderful women
    heeds doctors to help work with her. thank you for reading my comment and I hope Courtney gets help from the doctors.

    • Court says:

      Thank you so very much Brian for taking the time to leave a comment. It is so very sad that the MANY people in the state of Connecticut that are seeking help continue to hit dead ends. With the economy being in the shape it is in, many are on state insurance and the Suboxone providers within this state that accept state insurance are full.

      With the countless calls I receive, many of them are seeking doctors who accept state of Connecticut insurance. As I beg for help from agency’s as well as the doctors who are able to prescribe the medication Suboxone, it seems to fall on deaf ears.

      My care for all people is genuine, as no one wakes up and wants to have the disease of addiction. Money is something I do not have a lot of, but I know I have helped many people find the treatment/ suboxone provider and money is not my motive. Simple human compassion and understanding, as I have seen it rip apart so many.

      It is unfortunate that I cannot help everyone, and with the amount of calls it is so very difficult to handle all. For that I am sorry. Please leave comments so others will know about the struggle. Ones fate should never be based off of money, and I hope someone would see the help that is much needed for many.

      I urge suboxone doctors in the state of Connecticut to PLEASE contact me, so we can work together to help people in need. As I get an average of 17 calls a day from people who are seeking help from a suboxone provider. It seems that there is a decline in the Suboxone providers in Connecticut. Again, doctors that are able to provide treatment to the residence of Connecticut, call me @ 860 966 3964 or email me at your help is much needed, and I can help doctors that have openings, working together will help the people that need it most. Please lets help each other to help them.

  23. Suffering in Ct says:

    Hello, I have been battling opiate addiction for about nine years, I have had my share of falling off the wagon, and hitting the bottom hard!! As I get older it gets harder and harder to control my addiction; I have been on a serious pain management regiment for the better part of a decade, and I blame all those little blue percoset 30mg, and diladid that have been poisoning my body for years. About a month ago, a friend of mine saw the terrible withdrawal that I was enduring, so she brought me some 8 mg suboxone …. I cannot believe how much better I felt and functioned for those 2 weeks, but… When they were gone, I had to go back to the “prescription dope”. After whipping threw my months supply of pills in just 13 days, I am a mess!!! This is the absolute worst withdrawal I have ever dealt with… I am not sure if I can power threw this time, I have no idea how to even begin to find the suboxone, but I NEED them Now !!! Please help me, I cannot live this way anymore, especially after seeing how much better I felt and how genuinely happy I was for the two weeks that. I had the suboxone!! I am scared and I need HELP NOW!!!! -please get back to me via email ASAP!!!
    Scared and suffering in Conecticut !!!! (JLS)

    • Court says:

      Please try contacting me… I know it is not always easy to get a hold of me but please understand I get many calls a day and I am doing THE BEST I CAN.

      I know many are scared… and feel hopeless, but know that I am doing all I can. Kindly leave comments on how EXTREMELY hard it is to find a provider in the state of Connecticut, so the people I am asking for help can see how many are in desperate need of help.

      Please stay strong, I do care about everyone with this illness and will continue to find answers and solutions.


    • Court says:

      Please try contacting me as soon as you can… I am sorry, I try to help everyone I can.


  24. Jessica H says:

    Your mail box is full I really need to talk to you Please Please I Need Help!!!!!
    Jessica H.

    • Court says:

      I know, my mailbox is full 3-4 times a day, I am trying the best I can and am reaching out to whomever will listen. Please leave comments on here, so others know how difficult it is to get the help needed in Connecticut. It is beyond sad, people wanting to get the help, yet there is little out there. So many are full not acceptinfg new patients. I will continue to try, please know that I will not igonre anyone, I am trying my best. Please try to stay as positive as you can, I pray for better days for all.

      Warm wishes…

  25. Jessica H says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I spoke with you before can you please please please call me asap i really need to talk to you..
    Thank You

  26. sara says:

    I have been trying to call the number on this site repeatedly for a while now and it always goes straight to vm and the mailbox is always full. I need help getting finding a suboxone doctor in Connecticut. I am currently buying it from people when ever i have the money and i can, i cant keep going on like this. y do doctors make it so hard for people to get help by charging crazy prices and not accepting state insurance…

    • Court says:

      I am sorry I am very busy trying to help many. Please know that it is just as frustrating to me as it is people seeking help. I cannot understand why there are few doctors that want to participate in helping others with this disease. Suboxone has been life saving for so many, as many have stated. I BEG of doctors in the state of Connecticut to PLEASE contact me if you have openings, many that have state ins. cannot find the help they need.

      Suboxone providers, PLEASE contact me via email or via cell 860 966 3964

      Please ther are so many suffering… we need more doctors in this state!

      Thank you in advance

      Warm wishes

  27. Val Klinberg says:

    Your phone isn’t even on

  28. Greg says:

    I call also and no one answers. Is that 966 phone on? Is your office open before 1pm?
    I want to stop by and find out
    Thank you

  29. Val says:

    Hi Kim
    Is that number you posted wrong?
    I call call call and no one answers and I can’t leave message
    Val Klinberg

    • Court says:

      Thank you very much for your added information….. I am very busy trying to help everyone I can but as one person it is not always easy to get to everyone help, but I do try the best. My heart and soul goes into this as I am very passionate about helping anyone I can. and I am trying my best and will continue to do so. As we are trying to get funding so more people will be available to help, but for right now I am truly sorry but I am hopeful that in time I will have others to help me.

      I truly wish there was more than I could do, I am trying and seeking help in every way I can. If anyone would like to help please contact me.

      Thank you and please know that I am doing what I can.

    • Court says:


      My voice mail fills up 3 times a day, PLEASE try to contact me today and I will try and help in anyway I can.


      And yes the number is correct

  30. cc says:

    Im having alot of trouble finding a doctor can someone please help ive tried calling and sent an email thanks for any help

    • Court says:

      Please try and contact me today… if you have a cell phone if you can text me your name and area of where you are located along with insurance info.

      Thank you Courtney

  31. alice says:

    I have been on suboxone for 6 years. Im a mother and business owner with vary little time im driving 45 min away and i would like to find a good doctor near madison. i don’t want to pay over 100$ i haven’t found a doctor who takes husky insurance. yet. help.

  32. Amnber says:

    On this site all the doctors that perscibe suboxone, are doctors in CT? I could use some help finding doctors in Wisconsin and closer to my area that aren’t over an hour away.

  33. jc says:

    looking for some help and first few drs i talked to were 800 cash just to walk in the door…do we have other drs that arent just trying make money off of other peoples addiction? plz help

  34. carlos lopez says:

    im looking for suboxone, i been taking it for a few months now, but no longe feel comfortable with my doctor and has become very expensive, suboxone keeps me safe from using pain medication and my goal is to stop taking it by the new year can you help?

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