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Finding help for opiate addiction in Connecticut is far from easy, Suboxone is a medication that has given many their lives back. Many people find themselves at a dead end after calling countless Suboxone providers. ctsuboxone has been able to help those in need of help, many are in need of help now you can contact me (Courtney) but please know that I have no control over what providers do, I am simply a referral and one person. Many call with expectations that I can find a provider that is 15 minutes away, I cannot. State insurance is the biggest issue, there are not enough providers accepting it the ones that are are full.

I have been able to help many, please read the comments on the front page. A promise that I can find a suboxone provider is something I cannot do, but I will try my best.

Please call 860-966-3964 my voice mail is usually always full because so many are seeking help. Please leave only ONE voice mail, you can try to call again or email me with your name and contact information. You can do so at [email protected]

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  1. laura martin says:

    Laura Martin Tring to get intouch with Cortny voice mail full an really need some help for my boyfriend an myself asap..

    • Court says:


      My voice mail box is always full, it is very difficult to answer every call as much as I try there are simply to many people seeking help. There is an epidemic in Connecticut, I am the only one who answers the phone to try and assist people seeking a Suboxone provider in Connecticut. Doing my very best to help everyone, hearing the desperation in voices is heart breaking.
      I will continue to help, and I remain hopeful that the Suboxone providers in Connecticut will contact me so we can work together to help people in need of help.

      We finally spoke! Hopefully with the doctor that I suggested will be able to help. If not I will do my very best to help you find a provider. One thing I can never do is promise someone I can find them a doctor, giving false hope is something I will not do.

      Hopefully Monday we will know more.

      Hang in there,

  2. Jessica M. says:

    Thank you Courtney!
    I felt great relief after our conversation today.
    What you are doing for people who are in need of this specific treatment is wonderful. Keep up the hard work because your are helping so many people, in all different situations. The world needs more people like you.

    • Court says:

      Thank you Jessica,

      It is so hard for people to find treatment for opiate addiction in Connecticut,countless people seeking suboxone treatment.As I have reached out to countless agencies for help as well as suboxone providers to work together to help people who want their life back, and to become a positive citizen in society. has been here for people close to 3 years now, having spoken to so many people who suffer from opiate addiction in need of help. It is very hard when I am unable to help someone it really bothers me, I do the best I can and continue to try.

      You said “I felt great relief after our conversation today”. When I speak with people I take the time to listen everyone is different yet the same as each person is seeking treatment and has called every number available. Countless calls and the same answer “we aren’t taking new patients” that can be extremely frustrating and push people seeking help to give up. When people are referred to me by the 211 info line or by finding our website, people are grateful even if I could not find them help, the fact that someone listened to them, did not judge them means so much.

      To all, please feel free to reach out to your congressman, senator, representative about ctsuboxone and how it has helped you. If I had more people to assist me I would be able to help more people. Until that changes I will continue to help all that I can, and be the voice for all.


  3. Nathan says:

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I had a addiction problem a few years back, I found myself looking for help and well ended up on methodone. (just so everyone knows my spelling sucks but im trying to find help so please bare with me) well the methodone helped but it was not my answer. I had a really good job where i was forced to travel so it wasnt working so i asked to get take home bottels but they wouldnt go for it seeing how i was only on it for a few months. well theye ended up droping me and was sick for weeks but either way it did kinda work cuz after that i was clean for about 3 years. untill one day I snaped my arm in a bad dirtbike accedent.i did all i could to not take any pain meds every time they gave me 2 scripts of perks and vikes i only filled one. well after my 4 surgurys i gave in and started taking everything and i found myself getting sick. fml, so after the last surgury i started buying perks with what ever money ive had left of any of my checks. im driving myself nuts im trying to stop and ever saterday im buying methodone from people and during the week trying to buy suboxins just to get me by but i allways find myself only finding perks and well i just cant live this way anymore im growing sick of my life cuz all im ever thinking about is pills or being sick. I just dont know what to do i need help and someone to talk to. I really need a suboxin program to help me with this. i want to be clean and i want a better life. 🙁

  4. Hi my Name is Kimberly my phone # is 623-210-8247 please call me. I have never done this. I have been in pain management for five years and them lowering my meds at my request is not working for me. I would loke to find a doc who knows how to help me . Thank you for any info.

  5. Brandon g says:

    Courtney is truly doing this for the welfare of others, not for any monetary gain, she’s got that gold soul theory . Y’all should appreciate the real help this woman did for me and can do for you . Thanks .. BG

    • Court says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment on, it is helpful for others when they are having difficulties.

      Take care,

    • Court says:


      We spoke for sometime on the phone…. you were eager to turn your life around, you were well aware that Suboxone would allow you to get your life back. It was very nice speaking with you, I am always a phone call away.

      Take care,

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