Suboxone Help In Ct Shoreline Towns Medicaid Accepted

Suboxone help available in Ct shoreline towns Medicaid / State insurance Accepted. With the growing epidemic of opiate-heroin addiction within Connecticut, finding a Suboxone provider is not easy, having Medicaid or Connecticut State insurance can make finding help even more difficult. If you live in Guilford, Branford, Clinton, Madison, North Haven, East Haven, Old Saybrook there is help, contact ctsuboxone for more information.

With this growing epidemic, lives are being lost daily, last year 2015,  it was estimated that 729 lives were lost in Connecticut from heroin overdose. While many are desperately seeking help for addiction, there are not enough Suboxone providers within our state. While Suboxone is not the only treatment for opiate addiction, it seems to be the treatment people are seeking.

If you have Medicaid or Connecticut state insurance, Suboxone treatment, help in Connecticut is available. Contact Courtney by email, phone or text email phone/cell 860-966-3964

Suboxone Help available in Ct shoreline towns

Suboxone Help available in Ct shoreline towns

Addiction is a disease, it does not discriminate, regardless of age, color, gender or what you do for work along with many other things. Opiate addiction is a growing epidemic here in Connecticut, some people who suffer from this disease do not feel like they can tell their family members or loved ones. Stigma is one of the biggest issues when it comes to this epidemic.



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