White collar addicts and the ignored



Stand in life’s line waiting for a diagnosis

the system ignores the life within an addict

drowning in alcohol every night

is the father trying to break up a kid’s fight

the acid over there on the table

are the same that made my uncle’s eyes unable

there is life weaved within the addiction

a schedule to keep with the penciled in heroin

a budget with an allowance to supply the addict

even a small town housewife

leads an addiction filled life

and there is another side

day one is hard

but so is day one hundred

an addict must be selfish

in the road to become sober

always remember

there is hope for the pain to be over

-Brooke Lauren

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One response to “White collar addicts and the ignored”

  1. Court says:

    Excellent poem, very heart felt. All are welcome to share their story about their struggles with addiction, many people suffer from and the effects of this disease are felt by loved ones.

    Please feel free to share your story, the struggles, the battle of so many. The fight is tough, you stumble and fall but I pray that with words of wisdom may help another. Sobriety is the goal and the road is long, but here on these pages you are free from the glares of others who have not had to suffer from the disease of addiction.

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